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Leyla Torres is available to conduct customized origami  workshops, classes or presentations for:

  • Individuals Adults and children can enjoy making delightful origami figures and toys
  • Schools and Colleges In the classroom origami serves as an important learning tool in math, science, art, language and social studies.
  • Libraries Stepping through a series of activities from basic to advanced, participants can learn the fundamentals of this art form while working individually and as part of a group.
  • Businesses and Corporations How to cultivate the creative mind, how to develop confidence in one’s ability to be creative, and how to encourage creative potential through the tools of logic and imagination, are some of the aspects of  hands-on origami workshops.

Please contact Leyla if you would like more information about arranging an origami presentation, seminar  or workshop.

Media Corporation employees holding origami tops, the result of an origami workshop workers


Seven different photos of adults and children smiling and having happy expressions as they hold up an origami figure with their hands.

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