Traveling to Argentina for an Origami Convention

In early October of this year I will be using my frequent traveler mileage to attend the First International Origami Convention in the town of Rosario, Argentina. I’ll be traveling solo but this origami airplane could fly many origami enthusiasts from all over the world directly to Argentina as well! Here is some information about … Read more

Hen-Basket -A Favorite Model from an Origami Convention!

A couple of weeks ago I hopped across the Atlantic for the sole purpose of attending an origami convention. My destination was Nottingham in Great Britain where one of the biannual meetings of the British Origami Society was taking place. The gathering exceeded all my expectations both in opportunities to learn new models, to meet … Read more

Back From the OrigamiUSA Convention 2011

Back from the Origami USA convention in New York City  my work table is overflowing with origami models, papers, books,  and presents. As always the convention has left me recharged with creative energy and a surplus of new ideas! Some highlights of the Origami USA convention 2011: This year’s special guest was Toshikazu Kawasaki from … Read more

Origami USA Convention is for Novices and Experts

Feel intimidated by the idea of attending an origami convention? Well, drop that feeling and pack your bags! On June 24th through the 27th there’s a place for everyone, young or old, experienced or not, at the International Origami USA convention in New York City. Whether you’ve attained a high technical level in paper folding, … Read more

Román Diaz: The best origami ideas are usually simple

Have you ever felt intimidated by the idea of designing an origami model? Do you stop yourself from even trying? In the interview clip shared below, Roman Diaz shares three great ideas when setting out to create origami figures that will encourage you to try your hand at design. Be humble. Design for yourself, for … Read more

Origami Designer and Teacher – Rob Snyder

Rob Snyder was invited as an OrigamiSpirit Membership guest speaker. During our hour-long session, Rob shared details about his life and work as an origami artist. Rob has been creating and sharing his unique origami models since 2015. Rob’s original designs have been published by OrigamiUSA, the British Origami Society, the Spanish Origami Association, and … Read more