Papyrusbrunnen is a water fountain made of the bronze sculptures of several origami models. It is located in the center of the town of Mannheim, Germany, and is the creation of sculptor Gernot Rumpf. The Papyrusbrunnen fountain was donated to the town by the paper company PWA, a manufacturer of tissue, transport packaging, and graphic … Read more

Swallowtail Butterfly

When visiting Evi Binzinger’s flikr page not long ago, I spotted –among other lovely origami models, this swallowtail butterfly that Evi had created. I fell in love with it and immediately set myself the task of deciphering the folding sequence. This sequence turned out to be as enjoyable as looking at the finished butterfly. With … Read more

A Contemporary Origami Handbag

origami handbag or purse created by Hans-Werner Guth and Leyla Torres

I added handles to a triangular box created by Hans-Werner Guth and made myself a contemporary fashionable handbag.It is made from an A size rectangle. Clever and a pleasure to fold! Now it’s time to take a walk around town and show it off. Cool! Crease pattern HERE. From a square you make the bag … Read more