Imagine Taking a Journey From a Place of Low Creative Confidence into Designing Your Own Origami Models…

• Have you ever wondered about the creative process that origami designers follow to create their models?

• Have you ever considered what models you might be able to create if you just knew more about that creative process?

• If you had the opportunity to learn from those who know something about creativity and the art of origami design, would you take it?

• If you knew how to engage with the design process, would you explore your creative vision and experiment with your own design ideas? 

• Are you a reasonably confident origami maker but never have tried to design your own models?

• Have you ever wanted to design your own origami models, but aren’t sure where to begin?

• Are you interested in exploring how the creative principles of origami can be applied to other areas of your life?

How I Found the Real Secret to Origami Creativity…

When learning a new origami model, or folding models that I’ve known about and folded for years, I am always fascinated by the act of folding. In the process of folding any model, there is always a new discovery to be made or a deeper understanding of subtleties in the creative process to be gained. Folding is always a magical and rewarding experience. As much as I love that process, I’d always wondered how origami models were created, and how to go about creating my own models.

I remember asking a question about this in an origami forum at one time long ago, and I didn’t receive even a single reply. Not one. My assumption then was that creativity in origami was reserved just for the geniuses, for those born with a very special kind of creative talent, and that I would have to remain content with following the directions for models made by people who had been given the gift.

Unlock The Doors of Your Mind and Stride into an Inspirational Origami Experience

Take simple steps for designing your own origami models.

In this self-paced course, we will fold some delightful models and in the process, you will have clear direction to explore how these models grew from initial inspiration to finished pieces.

By looking carefully at the creative process you will discover how to use your growing understanding of a creator’s conceptual tools as a spring-board to create new origami figures that you can share and call your own.

You will make step-by-step progress and emerge from the class with strategies to create origami models and with a sense of empowerment with your own creative abilities so that you can take your love of origami to the level of origami creation you have hoped for.

This course will cover a range of topics of interest to paper folders who want to explore ways to grow their creative practice through origami.

“I have been doing origami for several years but haven’t had the right tools to take my origami into ‘design mode’ until now. To learn the small steps to unlock some doors in my mind has been a great experience. Leyla is a great and patient teacher with a lot of heart warmth.” ~Wenche Lise Fossland

Are You Ready to Discover and Share Your Creative Gifts?

This course is for anyone who is interested in the creative process as it relates to origami and wants to…

• Explore the possibility of creating their own origami models

• Fold confidently and develop their artistic voice

• Increase their ability to think creatively and fold with greater confidence 

• Reach to do their best creative work

• Take steps toward developing their own models

• Learn key principles about creativity and origami

• Work through the course material at their own pace

What You Will Gain By Taking This Workshop…

• Learn strategies to get your creative juices flowing.

• Fold a handful of new origami figures with a joyful and calm spirit.

• Have the direction needed to engage with your personal creative process.

• Increase patience, flexibility, and trust in your own abilities.

• Elevate your confidence as an origami creator.

• Expand your ability to think creatively.

• Produce origami work you will be proud to share.

•Ignite your curiosity and continue exploring your creative gifts.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed thinking and folding for the past few weeks. It was challenging without being intimidating. I gained confidence with each fold. Thank you for your support and appreciation of all of our attempts.” ~Carolyn Richardson

An Origami Course Curriculum To Stretch Your Mind

Module 1: Basic Principles of Creativity In this first module of the course, we’ll take a look at the principles of creativity. You will learn how to apply these principles to the process of folding paper and begin to think more broadly about the creative process. As points of departure to exercise this creativity we will fold a box and a few different decorative lids. A simple prompt, and basic guidelines to work on a new origami idea, will be given as an assignment.

Module 2: The Four-Stage Process of Creating Origami Figures In this module, we will be folding the Tic Tac Toe pieces that we set as a creative challenge in the first module. We will take a look at a four-stage process for designing origami, and why it is important to use this process. You will be given a demonstration of how to make a heart, how to create connectors, and other variations as points of departure to exercise your creativity. As a special challenge, you will be given the basic elements to make a multi-piece star, and you’ll be asked to complete this model on your own.

Module 3: Cultivating and Nurturing Your Creative Ideas In this module, we will be folding the multi-piece star that was set as a creative challenge in module two. You will be shown a demonstration of how to make three-dimensional locks as points of departure to exercise your creative origami spirit. We will also be folding a multi-piece origami star and learning the module for a 12-piece wreath of hearts which is my variation on the work of another creator. Using this module as a base, you will be prompted to fold a module and your own variations.

Module 4: What Failure Can Teach Us In this module, as a case study, we will walk through the design genesis of an origami model, designed by myself, from a square piece of paper. You will learn how to fold some related models and using these models as examples you will explore other folding ideas that can serve as points of departure for your own creative paper folding.

Module 5: How to Cultivate Patience In this module, I will explore with you several more points of departure and ideas that you can use to experiment with and generate your own models. I will share ideas for creativity in rendering the human figure, and working with paper shapes other than the square. You will also receive seven suggestions on how to deal with frustration and develop more patience.

“Before signing up for this course I was a reasonably confident folder, but I had never tried to design my own models. This course gave me the confidence to take the plunge. Leyla’s gentle and welcoming personality is inspirational. She introduces concepts and then presents exciting challenges based on those ideas. I enjoyed every new fold, and learned to explore my own abilities as a designer.” ~Margaret Synnott

Your Instructor

Leyla is a visual artist and educator who has been sharing the art of paper folding with people of all backgrounds for over 25 years. In her studio practice, she explores creativity through writing, watercolor painting, and origami. One of her passions is helping people nurture their creative confidence and foster a sense of inner calm by sharing activities that invite them to explore their imagination with minimum material investment.

People of all ages have enjoyed her presentations and workshops at international origami conventions, libraries, schools and businesses in The United States, Europe, and South America.

Since 2007, Leyla has been the host of the well-loved OrigamiSpirit website and Youtube channel. She was born in Colombia, South America and presently resides in the lovely state of Vermont, USA.

The Joy of Origami Course –What Students Say

I have had such an amazing time learning and relearning from your course. I couldn’t imagine a more fruitful way to learn about your inspirations and methods of approach to origami innovation. I appreciate having access to the wisdom you have poured into the course. Thank you for always teaching me to spread peace and joy.” ~Michael Valentekovic

“I’m a tough critic, and not easy to impress, but this course impressed me GREATLY on many levels. It’s very well thought out and professionally done, plus the “joy” definitely comes through.

I would definitely recommend this course to other paper folders.

Beyond the purpose of learning how to create origami, it has helped me understand the mechanics of origami better. And it has certainly put some new wrinkles in my brain. I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely got my money’s worth out of it!” ~Dawn Tucker

“Leyla helped me become aware of my inner creativity that just needed a bit of nurturing. My origami skills have improved remarkably with Leyla’s on-line guidance and my confidence in trying newer and more difficult models has grown significantly.

I would highly recommend the course as a way to learn models, gain confidence in folding, and even to move into the realm of origami creativity.” ~Stuart Shapiro

“I must confess that at first glance, I was concerned that the course was too rudimentary for me. But I went through the motions, starting at the beginning, and was pleased to learn how to push my creativity beyond my usual stopping points.

I will continue to ask myself the questions you suggest when folding. For that, I am ever thankful. Your style, encouragement, and tips that go well beyond the steps themselves are what make your course so special.” ~Kat

“I have been blown away by your course, and I’ve been very satisfied with it. I have learned somethings I had not thought about before. More importantly, I have gained a different perspective –so much more interesting– regarding the teaching of origami.” ~Gerardo Gacharná

“The Joy of Origami is precisely what I had been wanting to do for the past year, as the more I folded the less challenging origami seemed to become. I was struggling with switching my mindset from following instructions to creative thinking and this was the push I much needed to overcome it. I would completely recommend this course!” ~Caterina Russildi

“I found the experience AMAZING! After just the first module and began to appreciate what was behind the folds, meaning that I followed a diagram or video with more understanding and attentiveness to what might be the next fold to achieve completion.

Leyla helped me with the understanding that creation is a series of steps, particularly using a different way of seeing the paper and playing with it with an open mind.

A great value in this course is the pacing that allows and encourages self-discovery of the ‘Joy of Origami’.Do it! It is truly a JOY. ~Renee Cook

“Leyla is an excellent teacher and encourages artistic expression not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Her classes address and develop the whole artist. Having the course online allowed me to take my time, review, and fit it perfectly into my very busy life. I will continue to reference the course, learning more and more each time. The course takes you from beginner to experienced origami artist through beautiful projects that build understanding, art appreciation, and skill. Each project inspires further imagination and applications. Thank you, Leyla, for sharing your gifts!”
Jane Nelson

“The course has been a highlight for me, it has opened my mind to many possibilities. It’s worth seeing what are the possibilities while designing, and that origami has no boundaries. I was struggling with having the confidence to try and work out my own designs and look forward to when my 365 days of origami is over to spend the next year on my own creations.” ~ Anna Turner 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a question not answered here?

• Email your question to: leyla@origamispirit.com 

How much previous experience with Origami do I need to benefit from this workshop material?

• If you can fold the origami crane you will do just fine with the course material in this workshop. 

What technical requirements are needed to participate in this course?

• You need to be able to access the internet and be able to watch videos with audio. If you’ve used Facebook and watched Youtube videos, you will do just fine.

 If I get stuck on a model or assignment, or if I have questions about any of the course material, is there somewhere I can go to get help?

• YES! Everyone who has become a member of this course is invited to join a private Facebook group. In it, you will be able to share your work, ask questions, and offer support and encouragement to others in the community. And we will be able to celebrate your progress.

Leyla will be monitoring the Facebook group and will gladly share her own observations as needed.