Origami Easter Bunny Box –Revisited!

No long ago I featured an origami rabbit lantern on Origami Spirit that may also serve as a basket. Around Easter, many beginning folders contact me because they were having difficulty with one step or another when folding this model, and they asked for clarifications.

I’ve requested and received permission from Mr. Jacky Chan (Hong Kong), the designer of this origami rabbit model, to make a video –with accompanying English audio and Spanish subtitles, for those who need help with his model and which I’ve posted here below. I hope you find it useful.

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13 thoughts on “Origami Easter Bunny Box –Revisited!”

  1. I think your videos are wonderful! And I particularly like this bunny container. I’d like to contact this artist about including this model in a book I am editing. Would you mind passing along his contact info?


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