Videos With Instructions to Make Origami

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60 thoughts on “Videos With Instructions to Make Origami”

  1. Hi Layla,
    I am new here and have only started folding last Saturday, 8th May, and have already made a lot of the pieces in your videos. You are an excellent demonstrator and teacher! Love my origami time … very relaxing and stimulating. Thank you!!

  2. I just love your models and the way you explain how to make them. You make everything seem so easy to follow. Thanks for including me in I’m sure this will help me with some mental issues I have. Origami makes feel calm and focused. Keep up the good work!🌹

  3. Dear Leyla!
    I love your videos. They are very easily followable, and they make it possible for me to harder origamis too, even tho I just started this lovely hobbi.
    I started it becouse I am in a very stressful phase in my live, with a developing depression, and I needed some lovely activity for stress relieve.
    It really works for me and I cant be greatful enough for your work.

    Thank you sooo sooo much! <3
    Hugs and kisses from Hungary,

  4. Leyla – Thank you for reaching out to your origami family and sharing some of your struggles with your parents with us. I enjoy your emails with a new creation you’ve made although I don’t do origami as often as I’d like. I’m going to work on changing that. Thank you for giving of your time and creativity to us. I really do appreciate you and I will pray for your current situation too. Blessings, Richelle

  5. Muchas gracias por compartir sus enseñanzas conmigo
    Soy una humilde seguidora de todos sus trabajos.
    Realmente un placer!!!!🌹💋

  6. Madam, i am one of your biggest fans and an origami enthusiast too. I make mostly 3D structures like cubes, tetrahedrons etc.
    I recently came across your site and it’s wonderful

  7. Hi Leyla,
    Thank you so much for your knowledge, talent and inspiration. Your tutorials are enjoyable and peaceful which helps the learning process. The art of Origami should be taught in that manner. I think there is more to this art than just folding a piece of paper. It takes your mind away from the daily stresses, gives a sense of accomplishment, and a great piece of art to display.
    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. I am glad to see you are taking your sight to new levels. Origami is in your heart. Keep sending your passion to us!


    • Dear Pat,
      Thank you for your warm message. Yes, the practice of origami has many facets. I especially enjoy the quietness and calm origami brings and also the connection to lovely people who are inclined to embrace it.
      Warm regards in the spirit of origami.

  8. Leyla, congrats on the new look of the website, I always enjoy your videos, thank you for sharing your talent and zeal of origami.
    I take this chance to wish you a Merry Christmas. By the way, I still remember you created the Nativity set. It is beautiful.

  9. Desde que descubrí el origami de Leyla Torres en internet, ha cambiado mi vida. Ya no me aburro y ahora tengo un pasatiempo que me encanta. Solo puedo decirte Leyla, muchas gracias por tus videos! Un abrazo desde Chile.

  10. absolutley looooove ur blog , its damn good . i have started to give gifts made using your methods . Everyone love it . Thank you soo much

  11. Hola Leyla, te cuento que este fin de semana, tu pagina, me ayudo mucho para ayudarle a su vez a mi hija que esta estudiando diseño industrial.. MIL GRACIAS.
    Ella quiere hacer el modelo que hay en una foto que pusiste con un niño adentro, donde podría conseguir el tutorial?

    • Hola Sonia,
      Me alegra que a tu hija le haya servido lo que encontraste aquí.
      Para poder buscar el modelo al que te refieres, tendrías que darme una descripción más precisa (p. ej. qué figura es – animal? geométrica?) y darme el URL de la página dónde lo viste. Mil gracias por escribir.

  12. me encanta ty origami y quiero ser capaz de hacer origami tan fácil como pastel.
    tal vez, ?podrias hacer un origami dinosaurio?
    oh y yo también puedo hablar español, yo acabo de acabo de utilizar un traductor.

      I love origami and i want to be able to do origami as easy as pie.
      perhaps, you might make a dinosaur origami?
      oh and i can’t speak spanish i just use a translator

  13. hi! I have been watching your videos for only two days and i must say i have already learned a lot.. thanks for all your helpful videos.. :0

  14. Te felicito por esas manitas que tienes y sobretodo te doy las gracias por compartir todas estos vídeos… nos hace mucho más fácil todo.
    Gracias y enhorabuena

  15. Parabéns!
    Amei seu trabalho.
    Sua arte é divina.
    Estou vendo seus vídeos e aprendendo muito.
    Sueli D’Almas

  16. You have a wonderful site. I’ll be back often. I like to fold a lot. It’s an addiction! I mostly make stuff to give to my friends. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I’ll give your url to my folding friends.
    Thank you for your great site!


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