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9 Ways to Awaken Your Creativity With Origami

Do you ever wonder how origami figures are created?  What I’ve discovered is that many origami models have their origin in a small transformation applied to an existing figure.

For example, the previous post featured an origami peacock based on a traditional paper toy  known as cootie catcher. The photos above* show more models based on the same toy.

Here are nine tips that can help to awaken your creativity with origami.

  1. Look for ways to modify existing models, and then visualize what they can become.
  2. Make a conscious effort to look at models with fresh eyes.
  3. Think of ways to use a model differently. Don’t discard an idea prematurely.
  4. Give yourself permission to play and “doodle” without worrying about what you might design.
  5. Experiment with different colors, or kinds of paper, on the same model. Depending on the color, the same model could represent two different things.
  6. Look at an existing model from various points of view. Turn it upside down, does it look like something else?
  7. Experiment by modifying just one small area of an existing model.
  8. Don’t take a model for granted. Just because you’ve folded a crane a thousand times doesn’t mean all creative possibilities have been exhausted.
  9. Remember that the pleasure of origami is in the process, as well as in the result.

Now look at the cootie catcher again and challenge yourself to modify it and create your own model!

* In the photographs:
Easter Bird (Evi Binzinger)
Nested Rose (Leyla Torres)
Kusudama (author unknown -information welcomed!)
Cootie catcher as an egg holder (Idea shared with me by Antonio José Vargas)

Do you have a tip to share on how you create with paper folding?
Please share it in the comments.

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22 thoughts on “9 Ways to Awaken Your Creativity With Origami”

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  2. Hi Leyla,
    I so enjoy reading your blog. I was folding the oh so cute hens that you do and found a sailboat! I love the way that happens in art! So many times a “mistake” creates something wonderful and new. A long time ago I used to think “if I didn’t make that mistake…this (the work) would not have come out this way…and I l o v e it this way” – now I almost invite the mistake for it brings me new and beautiful things.

  3. Kusudama (author unknown -information welcomed!)
    Hope you do a video, thats what i’d like to do with my salt cellar…


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