How to Make an Origami Heart-Flower Box

I love how these origami boxes with petals in the shape of hearts function as holders of notions like thread, buttons, pins, or thimbles. These origami boxes could just as easily hold chocolate eggs, pebbles, rose petals, grain, beans, staples, rubber bands, or clips.

Carlos Aguilar (El Salvador) designed this lovely box inspired by the origami heart and lock described in an earlier post on Origami Spirit. It is a pleasure to see how an idea generates another and how two different-looking origami models relate to each other by the way they are folded.

To be creative with origami, we just need to begin by looking for ways to modify existing origami figures, and then visualize what they can be transformed into.

I’ve developed a folding sequence for this origami box, which I share here in a video with instructions (Permission granted from Carlos Aguilar)

Origami instructions by Leyla Torres

What would you put in this heart-petaled origami box?


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23 thoughts on “How to Make an Origami Heart-Flower Box”

  1. Oh my goodness Leila you are amazing!! I was looking for small boxes to organize my desk supplies. Thank you!!

  2. Excelente tutorial, muy claro y didáctico. Gracias Leyla por compartir este diseño de Carlos Aguilar.
    Saludos desde Argentina.
    Pedro Aparicio.

  3. Dear Leyla
    A very belated happy new year to you! Thanks to Carlos Aguilar for sharing this elegant yet sturdy design. I had great fun creatively experimenting with it!

    I was inspired by the photo accompanying the post – from above the boxes looked so much like classic picture frames, so I made a standing variation:

    I also made a rose, involving an extra piece of paper folded inside:

    Thank you for the fun and inspiration Leyla!

    • Happy new year to you too Beth… Every day happens to be the beginning of the next 12 months, so it’s never late for good wishes!

      Thank you for sharing your variations to this box. I always love to see how these figures can develop into other things.

      I also liked the papers you used and your version with magazine covers. Fun!

  4. Finally, I’ve just cracked this one. I made one with a lot of patience and hard work that I never thought I had. Last night, I nearly did it, but in the end, I had to throw the paper into the bin and went to bed.

    Dear Leyla, I’ve enjoyed your tutorials and have made some hearts and lotuses too. Even the hen didn’t look too bad. You’re remarkable and my days have been more joyous because of you. Many thanks.

  5. so elegant. Great instructions. Folded 30 of them from a scrappaper. Used them as dishes.
    Tgether with the tree of hearts and heart chain for each guest, it was an amazing valentine-origami party

  6. Hi Leyla, thanks for another great video. I love the tension in this model and the way all the pre-creasing comes together at the end. It reminds me of the Francis Ow style of dishes.

  7. trying to view the video….can hear the audio, but get just a green screen for video.
    Any opinions as to what may be the problem? Downloaded flashplayer, java, etc. no difference.


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