An Interview with Jannie van Schuylenburg

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Jannie van Schuylenburg Photo
Jannie van Schuylenburg

The Many Facets of Origami

On Wednesday, January 23, 2023, the OrigamiSpirit Membership will host an interview with Jannie Van Schuylenberg.

Jannie van Schuylenburg is a paper folder, teacher, and creator, from the Netherlands.

Of all her creative interests, origami is Jannie’s first love. Jannie started folding with an aunt when she was 6 years old, and it was then that she first developed a love of paper and origami. Jannie has been teaching paper folding for the past 30 years.

In addition to origami, Jannie is interested in handcrafts, especially those that involve fabric and wool. She uses these materials for quilting and crocheting and enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with others. Jannie is also active in her church and loves to sing.

Jannie will be sharing with us:

  • How she discovered paper folding.
  • Where her creativity comes from and how people can encourage their own creativity.
  • The process of creating her own origami models.
  • How we can use origami for special life celebrations.
  • How she has used paper folding to create greeting cards.
Jannie van Schuylenburg Origami Model - "Like-it" –by Jannie ( 2012)
“Like-it” –by Jannie ( 2012)

Jannie’s Books

Over the years, Jannie has published a number of books. Since her father was a sailor, she was influenced to create books that include boats.

Made with water paper, these models will float for months! Jannie is also interested in boxes, kusudamas, flowers, and models which are practical.

“Playing with paper is such a joy. I love to design my own models, and figure out how to create what I visualize in my mind. I also love to learn new things, to make origami diagrams, and create videos.” ~Jannie van Schuylenburg

Jannie Van Schylenberg Signal Flags Origami Models

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