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Fold an Origami Swan in Memory of Laura Kruskal post image

Laura Kruskal, much beloved origami creator and teacher passed away on February 5th 2019.

Laura was loved for her playfulness and great sense of humor. She loved music and included singing with her teaching.

I have a lovely memory of a class I took with Laura at PCOC 2013 when she taught a traditional paper canoe and several charming and simple models based on that canoe.

Here are the lyrics of a verse she composed and sang in that class to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

-Ode to Origami-
I’m in picturesque Albuquerque
Sharing my beloved origami.
I’m as happy as I can be
When I am folding origami.
Folders everywhere will agree
We’re a happy family.

Laura will always be a twinkling star in the origami universe of those of us who had the privilege to know her, laugh with her, and fold with her. Laura’s loving spirit will always be a reminder of the joy and happiness in life and origami. I will miss her, and I know you will too.

Here is a link to an origami swan that Laura designed.

May she rest in peace.


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