Do You Ever Experience Pain in Your Hands?

In one of our live Origamigos meetings, the issue of hand pain and trigger finger was brought up: Is there an exercise that can help us heal trigger finger? Here I will expand on my remarks on that meeting and how I personally addressed those issues. Over the years I have occasionally suffered from pain … Read more

NEW CHALLENGE: 30 ideas to fold and share in September

Please join us any time during this month of September 2022 as we explore this month’s folding themes. This OrigamiSpirit challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate. Here is how to play along: Share origami models (newly folded or folded in the past), concepts or ideas, that include one of the prompts posted … Read more

Román Diaz: The best origami ideas are usually simple

Have you ever felt intimidated by the idea of designing an origami model? Do you stop yourself from even trying? In the interview clip shared below, Roman Diaz shares three great ideas when setting out to create origami figures that will encourage you to try your hand at design. Be humble. Design for yourself, for … Read more

NEW CHALLENGE: 31 things to fold and share in August 2022

Please join us any time during this lovely month of August as we explore this month’s folding theme in the beauty and warmth of this special time: Warm Weather This OrigamiSpirit challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate. Here is how to play along: Share origami models (newly folded or folded in the … Read more

Origami Artist and Visual Story Teller- Guy Binyamin

Guy Binyamin (Israel) is an origami artist and engineer. Sensitive to the importance of light and color, Guy folds exquisite animals and creatures and presents his models in beautifully creative compositions that tell compelling tales. Guy shared some of his secrets for creating unique origami storytelling magic in a one-hour conversation with members of Origamigos, … Read more

Three in One! – How to Make a Star, a Box and a Cube (S.B.C)

Do you enjoy origami stars? What about origami boxes and origami cubes? My friend Wenhau Chao has created a charming and ingenious origami figure that can change from a star, into a box, then into a cube. A geometric and practical origami model, this is an easy figure and you will be delighted as you make … Read more

The Bunny Bill – A Fun Classic Action Model From a Master

A number of years ago, I had the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with origami creator Robert Neale, in Bennington, Vermont. Bob is a remarkable man. He’s not only a wonderful origami designer he is also a scholar, a minister, a storyteller, a teacher, a magician, trickster, and writer. Born June 23, 1929, in … Read more

ABC to Z Alphabet Origami Challenge – Letter Z

Participate in our ABC to Z origami challenge! Here you find paper-folding prompts to give you direction and ideas to fold and share origami related to the LETTER Z. During this ABC to Z origami challenge, we are sharing origami models or concepts related to each letter of the alphabet. Once a week, on Thursday, … Read more

Origami Artist – Goran Konjevod

Goran Konjevod is a professional mathematician and theoretical computer scientist. He studied mathematics in his native Croatia at the University of Zagreb (B.S. 1995) and Carnegie Mellon University (M.S. 1998, Ph.D. 2000). Goran worked as a professor of computer science at Arizona State University from 2000 until 2010. Since 2010, he has worked at the … Read more