Videos for Making Origami Flowers, Fruit and Food

The videos shown on this page provide instructions about how to make several origami flowers, fruits, and food such as:

Roses • Dandelion • Calla Lily • Geometric flowers • Strawberries • Popcorn!

Click an image to view it’s associated blog post and video.

NOTE: Videos with a black frame and orange icon in a lower corner are available in the Origami Spirit membership. All other origami model tutorials are FREE!

18 thoughts on “Videos for Making Origami Flowers, Fruit and Food”

  1. Hola, solo quería comentarle que me encantan sus videos, gracias a usted e aprendido bastante a cerca de este maravilloso arte que es el origami, a propósito quería saber si podría hacer un vídeo ha cerca de como hacer tulipanes en el canal, me encantan y quería saber si usted podría ser tan amable de mostrar en el canal como realizar uno por favor y perdone la molestia

  2. The explanation was awesome attempted at making a lotus n could make a neat one in the first attempt only…. It’s a great site for crafty people…. thanks a ton

  3. Hi,

    My friend just recommend your site and when i check it out i feel like “wow this is awesome” thank you for making this site, i can make unique and interesting origami, keep spirit ^^

  4. Hi,

    I’ve just discovered your site and find it fascinating although I’ve not had a chance to fully explore it yet.. While videos are helpful I find it much easier to follow diagrams. Do you ever post diagrams for the video subjects?

    Regards and thanks, Colleen


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