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Take this FREE Origami Basics Mini-Course!

  • Have you ever felt frustrated when trying to follow instructions from origami books or confusing YouTube videos?
  • Would you like to master a magic way to break the ice and create meaningful connections with people?

Origami is easy, relaxing, and friendly!

• Improve your skills with paper folding so that you can relax and let go of stress.

•Be creative with paper and share joyful moments with friends and family.

If you have ever folded a letter and placed it in an envelope, you can learn and master origami. You have all the talent you need right now.

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This course consists of five easy-to-follow videos answering questions such as:

What is the best paper for origami?
• How can I follow origami symbols to make beautiful figures?
• How can I fold bases from which many figures are made?
• How can I read diagrams from books and have success with origami?

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