Videos for Making Modular and Geometric Origami

On this page, you will find links to origami video instructions and blog posts related to modular and geometric origami figures including:

Rings • Garlands • Boxes • Stars • Flowers

Click an image to view its associated blog post and video.

NOTE: Videos with a black frame and orange icon in a lower corner are available in the Origami Spirit membership. All other origami model tutorials are FREE!

MODULAR ORIGAMI (Multi-Unit Origami Figures)


11 thoughts on “Videos for Making Modular and Geometric Origami”

  1. Deat Leyla aunty, I:m from Sri Lanka . I’m a student. I got a support from your is the sinhala translations. the sinhala translations are wrong in your website.please check it

    • Hi Imesh,
      Any translation on my website is automatically done by Google translations, which can be adequate, but not the best at all.
      I’m sure you are very smart and can extrapolate any instructions that are presented on this website ;-)

  2. I have been looking for an origami chess board pattern. Finally found one and discovered that the instructions are not at all easy to read. I understand that an 8 X 8 grid probably shouldn’t be easy, but the folds don’t make any sense and the pictures on the diagrams are not clear. I wondered if there were a way for you to make a video that I could watch showing how to make the board. If you could, that would be lovely! I have been wanting to create an origami chess set for a friend of mine who likes origami and chess for his birthday in January.




  3. Pakistan Origami Society has started an educational project to teach origami to children through videos. For this purpose we need origami videos as donation. We are forwarding this message for your support.


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