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How to Make an IvaMia Kusudama

A kusudama is a traditional Japanese paper ball created by joining together multiple identical units. In Japan it was common to join these units with glue or thread.

This particular kusudama design –named IvaMia, is made without cutting and assembled without glue. It is a perfectly elegant example of contemporary modular origami.

The IvaMia kusudama design is one of a series of kusudamas created by Andrey Hechuev. Andrey created this particular model for one of his friends, Iva, honoring the birth of her baby girl, Mia. Now Mia is growing healthy, happy, and fast!

According to Andrey, the idea for this kind of module and connection came as he studied the crossovers of basic forms, using the Fröbel/ windmill base. His search for simple, easy, and strong connections between modules led to the discover of symmetrical flaps and pockets that perfectly matched each other.

On Andrey’s  flickr page we can see many different examples of his kusudama and modular origami creations. The following video shows the step-by-step process to make the IvaMia kusudama along with an additional variation.

What I love about this kusudama, made only with six modules, is the economy of design and the clever system of flaps and locks that firmly connect the modules together.

Tips and recommendations

  • For a kusudama 5 inches in diameter, you’ll need six square pieces of paper measuring 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm).
  • Use thin paper such as ‘Kami’.
  • Clips or clothes pins help to hold the modules in place during assembly.
  • The modules are assembled following the basic structure of a cube.
  • You can use the IvaMia as a holiday or Christmas ornament.
origami kusudama

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16 thoughts on “How to Make an IvaMia Kusudama”

  1. Beautiful explanation, Leyla! Your “calma y paciencia” really comes through! The camera angles on this are so very clear. Thanks for another wonderful video!

  2. OH i FORGOT TO TELL YOU i’LLBE GIVING YOUR SITE’S NAME TO CAPADIA’S DESIGN! This lady like I and many others have been looking for such a degign AND for a teacher to SHOW-US HOW-TO…and who knew that YOUR’RE the ONE!!!
    Okay well I’ll be letting them all know where to find you! Paz,Carino, Y Alegria!

  3. Hi this is like ALL of YOUR teachings oh so easy now to make…cause YOU have MADE IT SO!!! I cannot begin to thank you enough for showingn us all ‘HOW-TO”
    Your ability to be so concrete in your teachings…v.s. the abstrac ways in this computer world..HOW ever did YOU learn all of these computer ways???
    Oh well you should give classes in HOW-TO re computer classes..or even write a book, with pictures showing the actual screen, and…”what-where…To-Click” I say this because for the most part Origami although somewhat based on concrete(showing by example, either in show-en-tell as you do…or via use of pictures…but anyway concrte teaching is only a small part of the origami world…mostly is too IS MAINLY shared or if explnd, it is done via Abstract though, with arrows going one way but one can not always tell which way the arrows are pointing…lol…NOW YOU, well YOU have such a Gift…please please PLEASE CONSIDER TEACHNG IR STARTING A SERIES OF “TEACHING-WHAT-YOU-KNIW IN THE COMPUTER WORLD…BET YA, YOU WOULD HAVE SUCH A FOLLOWING—THERE WOULD BE A NEED FOR EVEN YOU TO TAKE MORE CLASSES…SO THAT YOU COULD KEEP ON TEACHING US.PLEASE WILL YOU PLEASE CONSIDER THIS LOWLY REQUEST???

  4. So beautiful Leyla!

    Thank you for sharing with us!
    Today, in Portugal, is Mother’s Day! Yesterday, in school, we fold little dresses to celebrate!
    Bye, bye!


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