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An Origami Jumping Frog for Simon and Luc

Dear Simon, Dear Luc,

A little bird told me that you love origami! I am happy you have been able to follow the videos I share on Origami Spirit. This video of the jumping frog is dedicated to both of you.

I learned to make this origami frog from my little brother, Luis, when we were very young like you. Luisito –that’s what we called him, loved playing with these origami frogs. He would make one origami frog for each member of the family –one for our dad, one for our mom, one each for his two sisters, and one for his brother.

Having frog competitions was Luisito’s favorite game. At the end of the day Luisito would have one frog that was the winner and announce to the whole family who the winner was.


Some times children ask me how can people make up new origami models.

I usually tell them that making new origami figures is a lot like learning how to read and write. First you have to learn the alphabet. In origami you learn the easy figures first. These are made with basic folds.

Here are examples of some basic folds. These folds are like letters of an origami ‘alphabet’.


From basic folds many figures can be made. Here are some examples:

We can start making up new origami figures by changing a little bit the models that we learn. Children are very good at origami. I am sure that with practice you will become much better. Soon you will be able to create your own origami figures! I can’t wait to see what you make!

I learned my first origami when I was 5 years old. It was a paper boat. As I grew up, I learned  from books and from friends who showed me how to fold. Today, children can learn also from videos like the ones I share here in Origami Spirit and on my origami YouTube Channel.

Origami is like magic. We only need one piece of paper to create a figure, and many different kinds of figures can be made using only one piece of paper!
It is time to say goodbye for now. I hope you make many origami frogs and make them jump high and far.

Hugs and kisses to you,


PS. A friend gave me another idea about the frog: In the video, it is made with a rectangle cut from a square. Instead of cutting the paper in half, you can fold the sides towards the center line. This brings additional thickness and stiffness to the frog so that it jumps even better :-)

Here is a link to the post with video to make the boxes you see at the end the origami frog video.


19 thoughts on “An Origami Jumping Frog for Simon and Luc”

  1. Thank youfor your lovely site bought a kit a week ago and have been trying to follow the instructions made a crane, box and menko all ok a couple of others too much for me then found your site via you tube but would not load cosistantly so looked for you.
    Just made the jumping frog and another masu box🤗. My hubbys birthday so a little “present” for him. I sew so have a bamboo point turner and also have pointed tool from tole painting so used them both made it so much easier especially the folds for the box re did the first box with ithat tool also Will now look for the envelope to make a case for them, saw it earlier. Thanks again🌸🌺🌸🌺

  2. Hello Leyla. I like your videos. Can please tell me how is origami paper? I bought a brand named Caydo and it was one face only, but when it arrived it was two faces and it is little hard to work with. It is like construction paper. I have a few one-faced (white and another color). Also, I was expecting more gold color and that the paper would make a sound when I work with it, but it does not make any sound. Could you please tell me what brand do I need to order by Amazon.com?
    Thank you.

  3. Hello again Layla, I made the rabbit and the frog, they turned out so pretty, I am going to see if I can make the rabbits out of tissue for Easter to decorate the table as a napkin, don’t know if it works but I am going to give it a try… I made at a family christmas lunch, green napkins in the shape of a Christmas tree, easy to make but it has impressed every one…
    Thank you again for your instructions.

  4. I am impressed by the way you teach. I always wanted to learn Origami and now I did but, too late, at the age of 66, I remember buying an origami instruction book, unfortunately didn’t understand a thing, now I am happy to watch the “how to” on a video, you are so sweet Leyla, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful art with us.

    • Hi Sahar,
      It is never too late to learn origami, and one of the beauties of origami is that no matter where we start, there is something for everybody.
      Welcome to Origami Spirit. I appreciate your kind comment!

  5. Thank you for the clear instructions! I will be teaching this model on Saturday, and your video has made it easy for me. I’ll promote your website at the class!

  6. Estuve enseñando origami en una escuela elemental en San Francisco CA y les recomendé a los estudiantes latinos que vieran tu canal en You tube. He encontrado que las etiquetas y de botes de salsa mexicana y las envolturas de te (especialmente el verde) tienen el grosor y proporciones perfectas para este proyecto. ¡Además quedan my bonitos! ¡Gracias Leyla!

  7. Hi Leyla:

    As always, a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for reminding us all about the importance of “play.”

    Best wishes,

  8. Dear Leyla
    The frogs are great. My son (8) and I made already 9 frogs.
    Playing the 2 games is fun. We’re smiling at the end of a rainy afternoon.
    Thanks so much

  9. Dear Leyla.

    Espero que você possa traduzir minha mensagem para saber o quanto fico feliz quando aparece na caixa de entrada um e-mail da Origami Spirit, porque sei que será sempre algo gracioso, simples e fácil de se fazer.

    Usarei esse modelo de sapinho (little frog) entre os origamis que ensinarei aos participantes da Virada Sustentável: uma iniciativa do poder público municipal da cidade de São Paulo, onde são oferecidas oficinas lúdicas relacionadas às questões ambientais, como os 3 Rs. Estarei ensinando brinquedos para se fazer com papel reutilizado. Farei este modelo de sapinho em sua homenagem. Além dele, incluirei aviõezinhos e um modelo de pião.

    Abraço de urso para você e muuuuito obrigada


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