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Origami Cats for Emilio

Dear Emilio,

I made this video especially for you since I know how much you love kittens and cats. Mommy has helped you make a paper frog, so now you can ask her to help you make an origami cat. I’m sure your Daddy will help you too!

¿Do remember my kitty, Coco? I made an origami model that looks just like her. It is white and black and has a mark shaped like a heart, just like Coco! You can also make models that look like your own cats, Toño, and Máximo Gris.

Do you know that your cousins also have cats in their homes?
Alejandra’s cat, Ceniza, is grey.
Andres’ cat, Athena, is white with dark markings.
Eliana’s cat is big and yellow. His name is Tjap.

You can make all these little kitties using squares of paper.
Use two squares of the same size for each cat.


What a family of origami cats you will make!

Do you know what else? You can paste each of your origami cats onto a thicker piece of paper to make an invitation. I suggest something sturdy like cardstock. Then you can invite friends and family to your next birthday party!

It’s time to say goodbye dear Emilio. Have fun making your origami cats!

Kisses and hugs from your aunt,

. . . . . .

PS. Here’s a photo that uncle John took of Coco standing next to her origami cat.


And here you and I  are folding paper together. What fun we had!

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18 thoughts on “Origami Cats for Emilio”

  1. Fantastico gato, Leyla!

    I’m going to watch the video again, while I’m folding. Thanks so much for your wonderful folding hands – they are calming to watch.

  2. Hi, Leyla

    I love your cat, Coco. She looks very cute. I wish I had a cat too. But street cats come to my house every single day. Thank you for this idea of origami cats.


  3. Dear Emilio, you are a lucky child. Yo have a super family that loves and care about you.You do not know me. But I do know your father, your father’s parents, your father’s brother and sisters. They are unique.You could ask a bout me to your grandmother Rosa or Dra. Rosa or Ochis.
    Elsa Lucia

  4. For Emilio:

    A house is not a home without
    Kittens or a pup,
    Or flowers growing all about
    And children growing up.

    A home should be a treasure chest
    That harbors gentle deeds
    And memories that we love the best
    Our kindly little creeds.

    Happy folding Emilio!

    A friend of Auntie Leyla :-)


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