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An Origami House for Lady Coco

One late-November day, three years ago, John looked out our kitchen window to see a small kitten wandering near the entrance to our house. He opened the door, picked her up, and carried her in.

After searching for her owner over the course of several days, and nobody having claimed her, Lady Coco adopted us. She quickly made herself comfortable in our home and designated us her domestic humans.

As part of the Origami Spirit team, Coco helps us test models for “playability” and loves to sunbathe and take long siestas at my origami worktable.


Opening the door of our house to her was an opening of our hearts to her as well.

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”
~ Jean Cocteau

This updated and improved video tutorial of an origami house by Román Díaz celebrates Coco’s third anniversary of arrival to our lives.

Tips and suggestions for making the origami house

  • In the video the house is demonstrated using kami paper.
  • A good paper size to learn this model would be 6 × 6-inch (15 × 15 cm)
  • The finished paper house shows two sides of the paper. It is best to use paper of different color on each side.
  • Use your house as a party favor.
  • Place a house on each plate as you set the dinner table, and hide a candy or pastry under it. When your guests pick up the house, they’ll find the treat underneath.
  • Use it as a Christmas tree ornament.
  • Make several origami houses as part of the village for a Nativity scene.


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8 thoughts on “An Origami House for Lady Coco”

  1. Very nice model. Have you considered fitting a box to it, for use as a welcome home (or welcome to our home) present? That would be great! Thank you! ~ Diane

  2. This is a very nice house and I like the way all the loose flaps are tuck away nicely. The video presentation is very comprehensive and easy to follow. Keep up the good works Leyla.


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