Make an Origami Mouse for Your Cat

Looking for a fun homemade cat toy? This inflatable origami mouse belongs in the kingdom of origami toys. It’s fun to make, can be folded in minutes, and your cat won’t waste a second before pouncing on it.

My cat, Coco, loves to pick it up by the tail, release it, then pounce again. Watch her playing with her toy mouse in the video tutorial below.

Don’t have a cat? This is also a fun gift and stocking stuffer for your feline-loving friends or family members during the holiday season. Read tips and suggestions below for more ideas.

This clever cat toy was designed by my good friend David Donahue. I contributed to David’s design by suggesting some folds to make the ears round and more mouse-like. This little mouse is called “Desert Pocket Mouse” and was inspired by a North American species found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Here is the video showing how it’s made.

Tips and suggestions to make this homemade cat toy

  • Use paper 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm.), white on one side and pink or grey on the other.
  •  Thin paper like “Kami” known in the US as “origami paper” works well.
  • If you use kami paper, start on the side whose color you want the body to be. For example, if you want a white mouse with a pink tail, start with the white side facing up.
  • You can make it also with a piece of paper from a note book or a discarded magazine.
  • This little origami mouse folds flat. It is easy to mail, fits handily in a purse or wallet, and makes for a nice spontaneous gift.
  •  After the mouse is folded and inflated, slightly unfold the tail and fill the body with cotton and a bit of catnip. Let the fun begin!

So, have fun with this homemade cat toy, and let us know how the cat in your life likes it!

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25 thoughts on “Make an Origami Mouse for Your Cat”

  1. I made this origami mouse for my cat- after I blew air to inflate it, I used the same hole to put cat kibbles in. I think it will work as a homemade puzzle feeder! :)

  2. Thank you, Leyla Torres. I find it very relaxing to watch your tutorials and listen to your instructions. I’ve made quite a few of your origami pieces and have shown and helped friends and family members make a few of the less challenging ones. I love sharing crafts and art projects with a small group. It’s a beautiful way to engage people and have them open up on many levels. It’ll be fun to make the mouse for my two cats. They love to play with toys so this should be a real hit!

    • Hi Laura
      As you said it well, crafts and origami in particular are a beautiful way to engage people and have them open up on many levels. Keep up the practice and keep sharing with all!
      Thank you for your warm note. Leyla

  3. Hello, nice to meet you.
    *I get this sentence by an interpreter. So it may become a sentence that grammar is wrong and can not understand a meaning. I’m sorry. *
    I love the mouse which you made very much! butterflies and flowers and all origami object too! Therefore I want to make accessories with the thing which I made with your made video, can I make it? Can I know your make origami’s copyright?
    I am sorry for such short notice, but Please kindly consider this matter.

    • Welcome to Origami Spirit. You can make any model here for your personal use. But if you want to make origami figures for sale, you need to contact each person who designed each particular figure. Then, you must ask that person for permission. If you need my permission to use models I have designed, please contact me by clicking here. Please specify what model you want to use and for what purpose. Thank you for asking and for your interest!

  4. Leyla Torres,
    The models are amazing and its nice to watch your videos. Do continue to send me such videos and diagrams in future.

  5. Hi, Leyla
    I made this cute little mouse for my cat. For the trial, I made this toy with a white piece of origami sheet. First I gave this toy to my cat, but it did not play with it. Next, I used a grey piece of origami sheet. I gave the mouse to it and my cat took the mouse and started biting the toy’s tail and was biting its body. I am very happy.


    • It either like grey a lot or your 2nd one looks more realistic(perhaps color?).
      It’ll be a tough job to get paper out of your cat’s teeth.What’s your cat’s name,and what type is it?

      P.S. Our names are similiar. o.o

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  7. wooow this looks cute and brilliant, i have tried it, but this is i think for more experiant people, i must learn it by trial and error. the tute of yours is great so one day i will finished one by me.;-D
    Thank you for your awesome tute and cute idea, i hope your cat love your mouse.


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