Make Three Variations of an Origami Star

Do you like origami stars? From Italy ~with love~ Francesco Mancini* shares three variations of his modular model, “Cloe’s Star”.
Thank you Francesco for granting permission to present these variations of your origami star in the following step-by-step video.

Tips and suggestions for the modular origami star

  • Use eight pieces of paper in the shape of a “silver rectangle” (1:√2).
  • A silver rectangle can be easily made from a square (A 3 x 3-inch square is ideal ~demonstrated in the video).
  • The origami star is most effective if the paper is colored differently on each side.
  • One sheet of A4 paper will produce eight smaller rectangles perfect in size to make the Cloe’s Star.
  • Divide these pieces of paper into four groups with each group a different color.
  • Once the units for the modular origami star are made, stack them in alternating colors for easy assembly.
  • Depending on the colors chosen the star can celebrate Christmas,  Independence Day, or a favorite soccer team!

Fold your own origami star, try and find your own variation
and then post a picture on our Facebook page!

* Francesco Mancini is originally from Tavenna, but he now lives in the beautiful town of Florence, Italy. He works at Giardino di Archimede (Garden of Archimedes), the first museum fully dedicated to math. At the museum, origami is used as a teaching tool.
Cloe’s Star, like many other of Francesco’s modular origami designs, came from doodling about with a 1:√2 paper format. This format is commonly used in Europe.

When Francesco designed this origami star, the first steps worked out easily enough, but the locking mechanism was harder to find.  When Francesco finally figured it out he was so happy with the result that he dedicated the star to his girlfriend Cloe. Francesco likes this model in particular because it’s possible to find many variations.

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