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Origami Heart Chain and Gift Card

Here is a video featuring two useful modifications of the lovely heart model created by Ildiko Vass. This origami heart was featured in an earlier post. It would make a great decoration for a Valentine’s or Mother’s day gift.

What I’ve done here is alter the central locking mechanism of the heart.  Now any number of hearts can be securely chained together. Also, a single paper heart can be attached to the corner of a gift card. Another use for this origami heart is as a clip for holding together two pieces of paper at their corners.

If you are already familiar with the folding of this paper heart you can skip to minute 2:55 where this locking variation is demonstrated.

– Origami Instructions by Leyla Torres-

Recommended paper: Thin paper, such as Japanese origami “kami” paper, or any gift wrapping paper. It’s  best to use duo color paper for a great color change effect.
Paper size used for the examples in the photograph: 2 x2  inches about 5×5 cm.

Have any other ideas on how to use this origami chain of hearts? Please share in the comments.

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23 thoughts on “Origami Heart Chain and Gift Card”

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  3. Dear Leyla,
    thank you so much for your very easy to understand wonderfull videos. Always when I find something new from you, I know, I’ll love it!!!


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