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Origami Hearts, red and blue

Do you believe that the secret of happiness lies in small shared rituals? Do you give importance to the small details of daily life? Making and giving origami hearts is an effective way to express our affection people we love.

This origami heart can be folded in less than a minute and is a fun Valentine craft project. You can use the heart to add charm to a unique moment shared with a special person.

Origami artist Ildikó Vass (Hungary) is the creator of this origami heart. She is also a teacher of children with special needs. Ildikó loves to create models that are easy to teach and can be part of home and daily life. Ildikó has kindly given me permission to make the following video tutorial of her origami heart.

This heart can be used on both sides. One side can be used as a decoration.

The other side of the heart is concave and makes a dish. It can be used to…

  • serve cookies
  • place a candle (don’t leave it unattended!)
  • give  a flower -Valentine’s or Mother’s day
  • place a cup of tea or coffee
  • write a love note for Valentine’s
  • place a small gift

Have any other ideas on how to use this origami heart? Please share in the comments.

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