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World-Wide Origami Conversations

Do you speak the language of origami? Even if you’re not yet fluent you’re always welcome to join a conversation. You can teach yourself how to ‘speak’ this beautiful language by following some of the easy origami video tutorials featured here in Origami Spirit!

Origami is ‘spoken’ all over the world, and is a language with a rich and expanding vocabulary; a vocabulary that consists of an infinite variety of shapes made from small pieces of paper. Practicing this language may be done by anyone, anywhere. Please don’t be shy!

The past few months have been an exciting and creative time for many Origami Spirit regulars. Some of us have been creating origami heart models…’speaking’ origami across many time zones and most of us have backgrounds rooted in many different cultures.

One origami conversation began last February with an origami heart dish by Ildiko Vass  (Hungary).

Besides Ildikó’s own variations on her origami heart dish, paper folders from Japan, El Salvador, Singapore, Colombia, and the United States have added to this origami conversation with new models and ideas inspired by Ildiko’s original model.

This series of variations and developments demonstrate how one model, an origami heart in this case, can be modified and extended by different people to create many new models. –See related links below for video-tutorials of various models.

One of the models inspired by Ildiko’s original is the origami cube, which I designed. This model appears in the first photograph above. Click here to learn how to make it.

Learn how to make many origami hearts. Click on the links:

Gallery of origami models inspired by Ildiko’s origami heart dish. Click an image to see in Lightbox mode.

6 thoughts on “World-Wide Origami Conversations”

  1. Hi Leyla,
    I wrote to you back in October 2012 regarding instructions for your heart cube. You h ad said that the instructions were coming in the future. do you have instructions for the heart cube yet? Thanks for all of your wonderful, inspirational works.

    • Hi Mariann,
      I don’t have instructions yet, but this is a good reminder. I have a series of videos I’m working on and haven’t had the chance to do this yet… I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for your interest.

  2. I love your designs & your blog. You are an inspiration to me. I am a subscriber of your. Do you have instructions for the modular heart cube?

  3. That’s a fabulous conversation Leyla. I find your work so inspiring. Will you be demonstrating how to make that cube ball with hearts. Its really spectacular. I really do like these conversations I must get involved in one such.


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