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How to Grow Your Own (Paper) Strawberries

I just came from my paper garden with a container full of delicious fruit! This is a perfect example of how a small transformation applied to an existing model creates a new one.

David Donahue studied a small bell decoration* designed by Paul Jackson, and, by devising small flaps that show the other side of the paper, added some “leaves” and created a strawberry.

Using red and green paper and rounding the tip just a bit the result is a sweet and succulent origami treat. Bravo, David!

Here is a video showing how to make David Donahue’s origami strawberry…

YouTube player

… and here’s how to make a box to hold all those strawberries.

What about some origami whipped cream?

* Bell Decoration by Paul Jackson. Diagrams appear in his book:
Festive Folding: Decorative Origami for Parties and Celebrations

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17 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Own (Paper) Strawberries”

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  2. realmente me dirijo a usted, x que vi unos trabajos de una amiga y me encantaron, me gustaria muchisimo hacerlos ….atte. silvia troniski

  3. Hi Leyla:

    As always … a wonderful video tutorial. You are such a good teacher. What a fantastic design as well. Thank you also to David Donahue for sharing his creation!

    Best of wishes,


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