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Warning! Making This Box Can Become Addictive

Traditional Origami Box Variation…

This container is a variation of a traditional origami box. The modification consists of making some folds slanted, instead of parallel, to a central line.

But be careful! Making origami boxes can become addictive, especially when we find beautiful papers to experiment with.

Here is a video demonstrating how to make this origami box. And below, find links for something to put in it.

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How about making some origami popcorn to fill this box?

Here is a yummy origami treat that could also be put into this container.


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34 thoughts on “Warning! Making This Box Can Become Addictive”

  1. This just might work with some tweaking… I trying to make an origami shadowbox to show off some of my origami creations! I thought sticking them on a card or in a frame would be too easy. :)

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  3. Please Leyla Torres:
    Teaches us to make a safe box of paper!
    Thank you! From: Leyla Caroline. To: Leyla Torres

  4. The reason it’s addictive is because it’s so easy to make it! I made 3 since last night, with different size and colour of papers. The folds are very easy to remember and teach as well. Thanks for the video Leyla, warm regards from Bangladesh. :)

  5. Thankyou for this very well explained and easy to follow tutorial!
    I have added this lovely design to my collection of favourite origami boxes. These certainly are addictive! I have made a bunch, experimenting with different thicknesses of paper. So far their contents include lucky stars, origami flowers and paperclips :)

    Your work on this site is highly appreciated and inspires me! Thankyou :)

  6. This is my favorite box bottom to make!
    Only exception is the for the corners, I fold it straight across, not at an angle.
    My box becomes more square this way. :)
    You have awesome tutorials!!!!

  7. Hola Leyla, Tienes toda la razón doblar cajitas es siempre como un deber maravilloso , gracias por enseñarnos . Saludos. Olga

  8. Made it! Well a tiny one from a post it note but still I made it. Hmmmm can you also show us a lid for the box? because it would make a great cookie gift box for my daughters teachers gifts.

    • A lid… I’ll have to think about it. For the near future, I’ll be teaching what to put in it. I’m sure that your daughter’s teachers will love it as much as if it had a lid.


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