How an Origami Box Turned Into a Fun Festival of Flowers!

The flowers above are a creation of Ildikó Vass, inspired by a box I designed and featured in another post. To make her flower, she sank the bottom of the box, and pushed the sides to the central axis. The flaps of the box became the petals. Then she made a smaller one and inserted it into the bigger one to create the center of the flower.

I made a couple of variations of her flower, shown below, making the bigger module into the leaves and the smaller into the flat petals. Then I added a third module made with a traditional flower base.

I invite you to play and come up with your own variations!


Watch this video of my box and leave the model sunken as shown on minute 6:25. Then shape the flaps of the box into petals or leaves.

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10 thoughts on “How an Origami Box Turned Into a Fun Festival of Flowers!”

  1. Thank you for this bee model. It’s simple, elegant, and I look forward to making it along with the flowers. I watched the box tutorial and think I can figure them out from there. As always, it is a pleasure to watch you create.

    • Hi Samantha,
      There is no tutorial to make the flower, but I think that with these hints you can make it:

      • Please watch this video to make a box:

      • Make it up to minute 6:25, sinking the bottom of the box and leaving it like that.

      •Then shape the flaps as petals. For this you have to guide yourself by looking at the photos on this post.

      Try it and let us know!


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