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An Origami Tree of Hearts


A tree grew inside my head.
It grew inside,
an origami tree of hearts.
It’s roots are veins
its branches nerves,
thoughts its tangled foliage.
Your glance sets it on fire,
and its fruits of shade
are blood apples
and paper hearts.
—————–Day breaks
in the body’s night.
There, within, inside my head,
the tree of hearts speaks.
Come closer,

—————––Can you hear it?

(Adaptated from a poem written by Octavio Paz.)


The origami hearts used to make this tree are a creation of Ildikó H Vass.  My little cat, Corazón (Coco for short), and I joyfully present to you this three-minute video with tips and ideas on how to make the tree of hearts.

Materials to make the origami tree of hearts:

  • A branch from your garden
  • About 20 origami hearts made from square pieces of paper  1 x 1 and  2 x 2 inches. Instructions here.
  • Some small pieces of plastiline or Kneaded Rubber Art Eraser

It will be a delight for you to make a tree of hearts to celebrate Valentine’s.

Perhaps you would like to make more than one three of hearts. How about a forest?

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17 thoughts on “An Origami Tree of Hearts”

  1. Hello,
    I’m looking for a craft bone folding tool like the one in this video, but I have been unable to find one with a long skinny, pointed end.
    If anyone knows where I might locate one please answer this post or e-mail me at teachcraft@yahoo.com
    Thank you,

  2. hai Leyla….this one is one of my favourite……
    simple and beautiful……
    hope to get more ideas like this.
    thank you so much

  3. I love your creations and always look forward to receiving your mail. You instructions are very clear. I have been learning a lot from you. I live in Germany and have problems with buying appropriate paper.

    Thanks a lot !

    • Thank you Claudia! The secret to finding good origami papers is to keep your eyes open every place you travel.

      I have found fun papers in the most unexpected places… like the supermarket!

  4. Hi, Leyla!

    I so loved this video! I find it is the nicest one that you have shared with the public. :)

    I love your beauty, your language accent, your pretty cat, your origami skills, your craft ideas, your ability to speak loud enough for everyone to hear, your spirit, and most of all your awesome website and Facebook page.

    I send virtual hearts for blessings your way!

    Hugs and hearts :)

    PS: I appreciate you! Keep up the great work!

  5. Absolutely lovely – both the tree and Coco…and you! Thanks for sharing this and all of the other models and creative ideas you’ve shared over the years. I just made a red Beth Johnson snake for Chinese New Year, following your easy-to-follow instructions. And now I must make a tree of hearts.

  6. Thank you Leyla and Corazon:
    Corazon if absolutely beautiful, Leyla. What a wonderful gift she is and she is radiating the love you are giving her.
    Our origami and our animals … ’tis a perfect combination of passions.
    Best wishes,


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