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Unique Ways to Keep Romance Alive -part 3 of 3

Have you heard it said that bread feeds the body and flowers feed the soul? Using origami hearts  is a cheerful way to show our affection to people we love.

Here is a romantic idea that can provide both bread and flowers to your sweetheart at breakfast:

  •  Fold this easy origami heart (Watch video below).
  • Pluck a small bunch of flowers from plants on your windowsill.
  • Insert this mini-bouquet into the center pocket of the origami heart.
  • Place the heart next to a cup of hot coffee, buttery croissant, and strawberry jam.
    Voila!  Je t’aime mon amour. ♥♥

I learned this origami heart at an Origami USA convention from Robert Ribaudo (USA). He is the creator of the  heart and calls it “Standing up for Love”. Thank you Robert for giving me permission to make origami instructions for your fun heart!

Now we can stand up for love, make an origami heart, and keep romance alive not only at Valentine’s but anytime during the year.

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15 thoughts on “Unique Ways to Keep Romance Alive -part 3 of 3”

  1. Dear Leyla

    You are a lifesaver! I needed to decorate the tables for an afternoon tea party, and these hearts were the perfect thing. I made one for each guest as a placesetting in various bright colours, with mini flower bouquets to match.

    The guests loved them so much they all took them home!

    Many thanks to Robert Ribaudo for sharing his clever and elegant design

    ~ B. Rose

  2. Dear Leyla:

    WOW! Many thanks to you for your wonderful tutorial and to Robert Ribaudo for his most clever design! I found this model definitely a “fun-to-fold.” So clever and so very elegant. What a wonderful Valentine gift you have given us!

    Best always,

  3. Merci beaucoup! The models you select to teach are always lovely and the three that you’ve chosen for keeping the romance alive are perfect (and I’ve been especially eager to learn this one).


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