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A Double Origami Heart for Your Soulmate post image

This double origami heart designed by Ildikó H.Vass adds to the lovely collection of origami hearts featured in other posts here on Origami Spirit.

Ildikó made this variation based on her original origami heart, which is a simple and fun folding experience. If you haven’t yet folded Ildikó’s original heart, I recommend setting aside a few minutes to become familiar with it, and to fold it too! Once you’ve done that heart, it will be much easier to fold this variation.

Here is the video with instructions to make the double origami heart. Thank you Ildikó for letting me share your lovely model with us!
The origami heart is made with a strip of paper in a 5:1 proportion. A 10 x 2 inch (25 x 5 cm) two-colored strip of paper would be perfect to make a heart.

When you finish folding, the heart will be a lovely gift for your soulmate on Valentine’s day!

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  • Adrian Tee February 1, 2013, 6:47 pm

    Thank you Leyla and thank you H Vass Ildiko. I am going to make it today!

  • Hans Dybkjær January 31, 2013, 8:03 am

    A cute model. In the beginning of the film you write “20 x 2 cm”, should probably be “20 x 5 cm”.

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