Origami Hollow-Petal Flower

In my previous blog, La Trenza, I featured this hollow-petal flower of my own creation (Now used for a Guinnes record attempt). This model is relatively easy to fold from the windmill base, –also known as Froebel’s basic form, and makes a nice Christmas ornament, or it can also be used as a dish for a festive occasion.

The model in the photograph is folded from onion-skin paper which I colored with oil pastel then blended with just a drop of mineral spirits on a cotton ball. Here is a video demonstrating how to fold this model*.

When first attempting to fold the flower I suggest choosing a flexible crepe-like paper like that seen in the video. The last step in the process -an outside-reverse fold* on either side of the petal, is a little tricky and could tear the paper. Exercise patience, remain calm, breathe, and you will succeed. Also, experiment with various papers as each hears the whispering of our hands in a different way.

These are  back and side views.

Have you folded this flower? Share with us what paper you used!

*UPDATE March 2015: The video posted here is a newer version of the previous video tutorial for this flower. It’s easier to follow!

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13 thoughts on “Origami Hollow-Petal Flower”

  1. i remember folding papers and making a aeroplane,four pocket basket and a crane when we were kids.may be it had come from Japanese.they were here (in sri lanka)during 2nd world war.and my father has worked with them.now i know it is origami.
    thank you for giving us the opportunity to discover our hidden talents. i would continue with your lessons. i am 64 now .don’t know for how long!!!
    thank you so much it is ideal to break you feel bored.and be happy with your own efforts.these things make ones life filled with harmony as it won’t be a harassment to another.
    thank you!!!!!!

  2. I used smooth 9″ x 9″ Origami paper which was slick on one side, dull on the other, and found that by wrinkling and smoothing it out 4 or 5 times, it became very soft and flexible, not to mention the finished effect is quite beautiful and gives a natural look to the blossom.


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