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Origami Adds a Festive Holiday Sparkle to a Staircase

The winter solstice is almost here, and the rebirth of the light is what I celebrate deep in my heart. Soon the sun will remain above the horizon a little longer each day in the northern hemisphere. The light returns slowly. I gladly receive it!

To welcome the light I decorate my home with a collection of paper ornaments I’ve made or received as presents over time. Origami stars, modular rings and wreaths add a festive holiday sparkle to my staircase.

In addition to these origami Christmas decorations I also place votive candles on each stair step inside glass containers which are in turn wrapped in folded paper. These little lamps are a joyful accent.

Nine links for instructions on how to fold origami Christmas decorations

1. Eifel Star (Werner-Guth’s) 2. Snowflake (Walker) 3. Modular star (Katz)
4. Bethlehem Star (Hayward) 5. Snowflake (Needle) 6.  Kusudama ( Torres)
7. Modular star (Miller) 8. Star (traditional) 9.  Flower (Torres)

How do you use paper ornaments to decorate your home? Share with us your ideas.

12 thoughts on “Origami Adds a Festive Holiday Sparkle to a Staircase”

  1. Wonderful examples as always.. Not sure but what type of paper would you recommend for folding the 16 pointed modular star with. Seems like you’ve use a mono print kami.

  2. Looks wonderful. If I tried it at home though, our kitten Mitzti would be swinging from them!
    Thanks for featuring my star in your collection.


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