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The Peace of Geometry With a Piece of Paper

What a great sense of satisfaction it is when we puzzle over an origami crease pattern and are finally able to fold a model!

A few days ago, I once again neglected everything else my life and spent a few hours folding from crease patterns that Hans-Werner Guth (Germany) has shared on his Flickr page. Hans is so prolific. He must be folding twenty four hours a day, every day!

It was long past midnight when I finally figured out one of Hans’s geometric flowers. Once we get into it, who needs sleep anyway!

Here is an easy folding sequence I developed, shared in the following video –with Hans’s permission, or course.

And if we want to go beyond the pleasingly peaceful act of folding this geometric beauty, we can add a pin to the back of the flower, stick it on our hat, and make an origami fashion statement ;-)


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22 thoughts on “The Peace of Geometry With a Piece of Paper”

  1. Hi Leyla,
    Thanks for sharing videos and ideas. I really like your way of explaining, I am very motivated from your work.
    My best wishes

  2. I loved making the origami flower pin. I will now try to paste a copy of the one I made. I cannot do it!
    Phyllis Rovner
    Leyla is THE BEST!!!!!

    • Hi Allan. I’d love to be able to give you an accurate answer, but I have not tried to make this into a kusudama. I don’t know if it can be turned into one. Thank you for asking. If I hear of somebody who has tried I’ll let you know.

  3. Dear Hans & Leyla

    Thankyou Leyla for this clear and easy to follow tutorial and thankyou very much to Hans for this lovely design! – it is very satisfying to fold.
    This flower really captured my imagination. I loved the petals, and how they look from the sides – they brought to mind the hardy bushland flowers round my place.

    I hope you like my Australian Waratah flower!

    Thankyou for all your hard work and creativity!
    :) Rosa

  4. Hi Leyla:

    I also admire and have folded many of Hans’ models. I absolutely love his “style.” In fact I think his Eifel Star should have won an award for model of the year in 2011. You tend to see it everywhere.
    I cannot think of a finer combination than an origami design by Hans Werner Guth and a tutorial by one of the best teachers: Leyla Torres. Thank you as always Leyla for a wonderful tutorial. And thank you as well to Hans for sharing your beautiful design.

    Happy folding … forever :-)



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