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Memories of a Lovely Origami Convention in Germany

Origami models I learned at the convention in Bonn – 2015

In early May this year, I attended the German Origami Convention in Bonn and was fortunate to meet many friends who I’d previously only known online. I feel this post is a little late in coming –it seems we barely blink and the months vanish, but here it is and better late than never!

Two personal convention highlights were meeting Evi Binzinger and Hans-Werner Guth, both excellent and prolific origami designers. Here at Origami Spirit I have previously presented a lovely origami butterfly by Evi and a geometric flower by Hans.

The special guests for this year’s German convention were Mark Bolitho, Paul Jackson, and Hans-Werner Guth. I enjoyed all the classes I sat in on and even had an opportunity to teach a creation of my own: A Gold Fish.

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My teachers at the German convention were:

Hans-Werner Guth (tool box created by himself); Heinz Strobl (modular piece created by himself); Christiane Grimm-Angelrath (bracelet created by Dasa Severova); Corien Schiefer (heart bookmarks created by herself); Christine Blasek (modular spinner created by herself); Mark Bolitho (chair created by himself); Anya Midori (four-leaf clover created by herself); Gabriele Vogt (Bon-bon box created by Makoto Yamaguchi); Janneke Wielinga-Dolfien (bull created by Miyuki Kawamuri).

The Origami fish I taught at the German convention

Gold fish created by Leyla Torres

Though I don’t speak German, we all communicated easily through our common language of origami and our hands. One aspect I particularly love about origami is that it connects people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world in such a meaningful, purposeful, and peaceful way.

Many thanks to all of you who welcomed me so warmly and made my visit a memorable one.

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10 thoughts on “Memories of a Lovely Origami Convention in Germany”

  1. Hi Leyla–I loved your sunflower class in NYC! Thank you for continuing to share your teaching with the folding community. I also learned to fold a few of Dasa Severova’s bracelets from a friend. Do you know if her bracelet designs are diagrammed anywhere?
    Jean Rishel

  2. I LOVE your posts and I make many of your origami creations. Your videos are so easy to follow. Thank you for all you do to enrich our lives with your talent.

    Will you ever post how to make the origami goldfish that you made at the convention in Germany. It is adorable!


  3. WOW! You learned some WONDERFUL models in Germany! And taught a DELIGHTFUL one, too! I hope some of the others designers will give you permission to make video tutorials of their models, as you do such a FABULOUS job of making the instructions clear. You have a GREAT EYE for choosing FUN models as well as designing them yourself. What a nice presentation of the photos, too! All of these are reasons Origami Spirit is at the top of my list of favorite origami websites!

    • Thank you Dawn, the worr you find here on Origami Spirit is made with lots of love, and it’s always a pleasure when we have such a positive response. I’m very happy you like what you find here. I’d love to present some of these figures on videos. I’ll have to request permission from the creators.

  4. Dear Leyla:
    I do love your website!
    All your models are delightful.
    Can you post the directions for the bracelet and spinner, please?
    Thank you, Greta Kessler

  5. Leyla, love to see you have learned some origami from others. All of you are talented and sharing them, can’t wait to learn some more from you, I like your fish, looking forward to your tutorials.

    • Hi Edna, one of the beauties of origami is that possibility of learning from others and exchanging ideas. I loved learning these figures. Hopefully I can teach some. Thank you for your visit.

  6. How wonderful you were at this convention! I was just online reminiscing about living in what was a little embassy town south of Bonn; Bad Godesberg, and where my oldest daughter was born. I just happily discovered that the house we were living in and some more houses there have been designated Historical Buildings. These houses were built around the 1900’s-1920’s and survived the war years. I hope you got to do some sight seeing; especially around the Rhein river and perhaps Beethoven’s birthplace. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures right now and the directions of the models. Thank you!


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