Origami Australian Waratah

With a fresh pair of eyes, Beth Rose took Hans-Werner Guth’s geometric flower (click HERE for instructions), and thought of a way of transforming it into a new and different design.

Here are Beth Rose’s instructions* for converting the single flower into a multi-layered origami rendition of the Australian Waratah:

  • Made from different sizes of Hans-Werner Guth’s lovely Flower Pin.
  • For the petal sections, the base corners were sunk to make the blossom rounder.
  • For the leaves, the points of the petals were left spiky instead of rounded.
  • The pieces were then all stacked together and sewn like a Kusadama.

This is a great example of how the creative process doesn’t need to start from scratch, but it can be the act of making a connection between two existing concepts. And what a great connection this is. Bravo Beth Rose, and thank you for sharing your origami design with us!

How many of Hans’ basic flowers do you count on Beth Rose’s waratah?
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*Quoted from Beth Rose’s Pinterest page with her permission.
Photos of the origami Australian Waratah courtesy of Beth Rose.


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7 thoughts on “Origami Australian Waratah”

  1. je pense qu’il y a seulement 4 bases de fleurs, mais de tailles différentes.
    en tout cas cela fait un rendu superbe

    merci pour le partage


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