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Modular Origami Ring by Ernesto del Río

Quote: "Origami has given me the opportunity to share with people around the world. It has also given me the opportunity to explore ideas and be with with my nine-year-old son, Pablo, who is following in my footsteps in the art of paper folding." Ernesto del Río

This modular ring called Anillo del Río 3 is one of the many striking modulars designed by Ernesto del Río Jiménez (Erny for his friends).

Thanks to Ernesto for granting permission to make a video with instructions for making this modular, shown at the end of this post.

Ernesto lives in Pereira, Colombia. He works as an architect and a professor of drawing and descriptive geometry at the Technological University of Pereira.

As a child, he learned how to fold the traditional crane. But it wasn’t until 2007, when he began teaching origami to his son, Pablo, that he took up paper folding seriously.

Because of their wide variety in geometric patterning Ernesto is particularly interested in modular origami  and he enjoys sharing and teaching these models to others.

One of the artists Ernesto admires in the origami world of design is Tomoko Fuse, a master of unit origami, and acclaimed throughout the world by all who know her work.

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11 thoughts on “Modular Origami Ring by Ernesto del Río”

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  2. Hi Leyla:

    Gracias a Ernesto for a beautiful model. Thanks for the tutorial. I did mine with a 3 inch paper/foil duo. The colors are blue for the paper, and dark pink for the foil which became the stripes. It sure beat finishing my taxes. Thanks for the diversion.


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