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‘Crease + Fold’ Reviewed – An Origami Book by Sok Song

Crease and Fold, Sok’s Song first origami instructional book, presents a collection of models that will appeal to a broad range of interests. It features simple and elegant animals, functional objects, money folds, and modulars.

•View photographs at the end of this post•

The book is divided into four sections:

Origami 101, covers the standard origami symbols and bases and describes many different papers suitable for folding. The diagrams are in color and shaded which makes them easy for a novice folder.

Small This section features a group of animals, many of which fold flat and can be used on hand-made greeting and artist trading cards (ATCs). Without going into much detail, Sok offers suggestions on how to make greeting cards and origami jewelry.  The models I’d like to give a special mention are the turtle, the baby elephant, and the polar bear. All are simple and effective. I’m also partial to the rabbit, which has an ingenious ending lock at the back that gives the model volume.

Medium In this section are found functional objects: snack dishes, ornaments, and a modular that can showcase photographs. Sok discusses the use of fabric as a folding material and also, mobiles. A very striking model here is the sweetheart dress –who doesn’t love great fashion!  Among other things are also found clear instructions on assembling and locking a single-chain traditional bracelet. There is also instruction on locking a multi-chain bracelet, but not how to assemble one.

Large Here Sok Song presents practical life-size models and large-size origami. Models include a modular lampshade, a wallet, a handbag, a lidded box, and three animals. I loved the wallet. The folding sequence is elegant and the features of the finished model are practical with a center sleeve for bills and adjacent slots for plastic cards. The diagrams for the lidded box however leave a little too much room for interpretation and some might find it difficult to complete this model.

Generally I would like to see diagrams for some models a bit larger than presented, especially those showing the last folding steps and the subsequent result. For the most part though, the diagrams are clear and easily followed.

Crease + Fold is a worthy addition to an origami library. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate folders and offers a varied collection of charming models for an expanded repertoire. The color photographs of finished models are excellent and the enthusiasm of the author for the art of paper folding is delightful and contagious.

Models folded from the book Crease and Fold

(Photos Leyla Torres)

4 thoughts on “‘Crease + Fold’ Reviewed – An Origami Book by Sok Song”

  1. We need help completing the Sakura Blossom Lampshade in the Crease and Fold book by Sok Song. We have been working on it for a full week but are having trouble assembling the 30 units. Very frustrating. Can anyone give us a clue?


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