How to inflate the Origami Windmill or Smart Waterbomb

Here I offer some additional suggestions and a video with tips on how to give volume to the  Origami Windmill featured in my previous post (designed by Philip Chapman-Bell). This toy is made with a circular piece of paper, and it’s a lot of fun to play with children.

  • Once all the folds have been made -as demonstrated in the video posted previously, rest the circular piece of paper flat in the open palm of your dominant hand.
  • Identify the straight folds as valleys, and the curved folds as mountains.
  • Methodically pinch and emphasize each valley-fold toward the center of the paper. Continue pinching the valley-folds as the paper begins to take the form of a cup, cradled at its base by your hand.
  • Once you have a loosely formed cup, focus next on the curved mountain-folds and begin to pinch the ends of each as well, one by one.
  • Now gather the ends of these mountain-folds as you rotate the origami windmill in your hand.
  • To form the flat section  place your non dominant palm so that it gently touches the outer border of the paper and impart a gentle twisting motion. This locks the egg-shape fancy origami windmill in place.

Here are two videos to make this origami windmill (Be sure to watch them both!)

  1. The one Philip posted.
  2. One I made to clarify the last steps.

Video 1 (by Philip Chapman-Bell)


Video 2 (by Leyla Torres)

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