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Make a Modular Origami Star from Patagonia

Thinking of a last minute Christmas present? Planning ahead for next year’s holiday ornaments?
Even if you are not in the holiday mood, I invite you to get two squares of colorful paper and sit with me for just fifteen minutes. You’ll enjoy making this cleverly designed modular origami star.

The ‘Polo Sur Star’ was created by Polo Madueño from Patagonia, Argentina.  My house was filled with origami stars as soon as Polo taught this model to me. I used them as Christmas ornaments!

Modular origami is a technique in which two or more sheets of paper are folded into units, which are then fitted together to form one piece. You will be satisfied with this great example of modular origami, because it takes only two units to make a great puffy origami star.

Thank you Polo for your permission to share instructions to make this fantastic origami star in the following video.

I folded this origami star with fairly thin paper, Japanese Kami, but I find that the thickness of office paper is perfect for it. Two squares of 4 x 4 inches are suitable to make it.  You can use duo-color paper. Also, white paper  can be colored with a different tone on each side. Each module is made from a base known in the origami world as blinz base, where each of the four corners of the squares meet in the center.

Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday to everyone both near and far.


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18 thoughts on “Make a Modular Origami Star from Patagonia”

  1. Just made my first Patagonian Star from your video. Thank you for this star with your gentle and excellent instructions. I’ll be making many more for my Christmas mobile along with German strip paper stars and six point modular stars. I love your attitude to origami, I find it so relaxing.

  2. ¡Hola Leyla!
    ¡Buenísimo, lindo y bello como siempre! Gracias por compartir la estrella. Siempre me encantan tus videos.
    Ojala que nos veamos otra vez en 2013 :) Feliz Año Nuevo

  3. Leyla Feliz Navidad.
    Brillante la explicación y tus estrellas que inundaron tu casa. Gracias por mostrarlas.
    Un abrazo para vos y tu marido desde la Patagonia.

  4. Dear Leyla,
    you have such a keen sense of color and design!
    I wish you and your husband a merry Christmas and for corazón, too!
    Greetings from Germany


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