Origami Double-Pyramid Stand for iPhone or Business Cards

Have you ever been adopted by a cat?  A few days ago a little cat appeared at our doorstep. My husband and I  walked around our neighborhood going from house to house looking for her owner. Nobody claimed her.

Since she has these lovely heart-shaped markings we decided that while she stays with us (be it 24 hours or 24 years), we will call her “Corazón”, which is the Spanish word for heart.

As I prepared a video for the iPhone/business card stand, Corazón stepped delicately around my desk and sat next to the stand holding the iPod with her photograph on the screen. She has made it clear that she wishes to take center stage in our home and she is indeed ‘The Queen of Hearts!

Today Corazón is the master of ceremonies and is happy to introduce this video, with instructions, for folding a double-pyramid origami stand.

This was independently discovered by Kunihiko Kasahara as a connecting unit for The Double Cube and David Donahue.

David’s contribution, beside the fact that he discovered the double pyramid on his own, is in realizing different perspectives for the same model. On David’s Flickr page we can see some of his other creative variations and ideas for using this origami figure. Bravo David!

I used green and red paper and followed David’s suggestions on how to make a duo-color double pyramid to make myself a pair of earrings to wear on Christmas Eve –watch the video to see this variation as well. I’ll have to hide the earrings from Corazón before she decides they are her newest toy!

Stay tuned for my next video. It will feature a figure based on a similar folding principle as the double pyramid, but will be of a different subject!


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39 thoughts on “Origami Double-Pyramid Stand for iPhone or Business Cards”

  1. Hello!
    I love this idea! I want to use it for my wedding place cards. You said on the video that for the big pyramid the piece of paper used is 15cm. What paper do you recommend for the small pyramid?



    • If your wedding place cards are the size of a business card these are perfect (15 cm or 6”square) the top point of one side of the model needs to be at least halfway up the back of the card or they just topple backwards. Origami paper can be found easily online or at many craft stores. White copy paper is inexpensive and Staples or a stationary store should be able to cut it for you accurately for a small fee . Consider making them from 8.5”x8.5” (a square cut from copy paper) and turn it over and fill with dinner mints!
      It’s hard to see in this photo but to the left of the central pen holder is one made from scrapbook paper 11.5” square, holding clips and a staple remover. The business card one in the front row (orange) is 15cm (6”) square. For index cards I use 8.5” square from copy paper (comes in many colors)
      Congratulations on your Wedding!


  2. I don’t quite get how you push the flap into the holder in 3:00 to 3:16:( Help? It always goes the opposite way it’s suppose to.

  3. I think that an easier way to fold this model is by first creating a boat. Starting with color side up, folding the paper book fold, bringing the top edge down front layer only, repeating from other side, unfolding one side only, folding all four corners inward to the center crease, (the bottom are several layers thick which are folded together, then ending by folding top edge down to the bottom on the existing crease. Once the boat is created, if you fold it into half mountain fold you get the pyramid card holder. If you fold valley you get the talking puppet

    • Thank you Denise. I followed your description and the result is practically the same. For me it worked great for the puppet. But for the double pyramid stand the layers did not lock quite as well. Perhaps there is a way to lock the flaps of the boat?

      In any case, your suggestion is quite clever… there is always more than one way to skin the cat! Thank you for your contribution.

  4. Leyla, your blog is so charming and so is your kitty! My husband and I were once adopted by a cat on Halloween night. He came to our bonfire, fell asleep in my husband’s arms and was part of our family for more than 10 years. We always knew he lived with us because he chose to. May all the love and joy you share come back to you a thousand-fold!!!

    • Thank you Tara for sharing your story. I’m getting used to the tasks of having a cat. I love cats, but never dared have one on account of my allergies. I haven’t had a reaction so far!

  5. Awwww…. I love how practical this model is. I believe I tried another Smart phone stand from your web site, Still have yet much time to go back to it. I am not a big folder from videos, but somehow watching your video always makes me think that I can do it. At this point, I’ll try and see how I do with Kami and then with Tant paper, because normally I am unsure of how much weight can kami hold. On another note, I especially love how you and your family adopted Corazon.

    • Hi Linda,
      I have found that kami or tant paper work well for this model although they are different in thickness.
      If you make earrings, the thinner paper will be better. It is very easy to make. Just try it!
      We are loving our newly adopted cat! Thank you for writing.


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