How to Make an Origami Santa Gift Box

Looking for a cute, easy-to-make Christmas present for family or friends?

A while back I came up with this origami Santa Claus and Elf gift-box idea, and it might be just what you’re looking for. The gift boxes are easy to fold and you don’t even need glue to make them!  They were inspired by a pyramid box created by Javier Caboblanco (Spain).

Materials to make the Santa:

  • One duo-color 6×6″ (15x15cm) square of paper, red on one side and white on the other.
  • One 6×6″  (15x15cm) square of white paper (both sides)
  • One 3-inch strip of white paper

The following video shows instructions on how to make both the origami Santa and the Elf boxes.

YouTube player
  • Fill Santa with small candy;
  • or, beads, buttons, or petals;
  • or, seeds or small pine cones.
  • Use the Santa model as a place-setting accent at the dinner table.
  • Give the model as a Christmas party favor filled with origami lucky stars!
  • Use a Santa origami model as an embellishment for a larger gift.
  • Make up a Christmas treasure hunt and place a written hint inside each of the Elf or Santa boxes.

 So get yourself busy making cute origami boxes,


How to make origami lucky stars


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12 thoughts on “How to Make an Origami Santa Gift Box”

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  2. É sempre uma satisfação receber e-mail do Origami Spirit: é a certeza do compartilhamento de mais uma criação que prima pela criatividade e simplicidade. Rimam com sua generosidade, Leyla.

    Obrigada e felicidades.
    Rachel Grenfell

  3. Atento saludo, en la actualidad, presente en Origami Colombia 2012, la estrella modular Carolina, la cual esta montada en un icosaedro conformada por pirámides regulares (tetraedros) cuatro lados y cada lado un triángulo equilátero.

    Desearía que pudieras plegarla y mostrarla a la comunidad integrada en la papiroflexia u Origami.

    En espera de sus comentarios

    Alberto Brito Daza
    Docente Universidad de La Guajira
    Riohacha, Colombia

    • Hola Alberto,

      Me gustaría considerar la estrella modular Carolina para hacer un video. No puedo prometer nada por el momento, pero si me puedes enviar el nombre del autor y un enlace a una foto de la misma se me facilitaría la búsqueda.


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