Twelve Lists of Top-Notch Origami Video Tutorials

12.12.12 – December 12, 2012.
We won’t have a date like today’s for another thousand years!

To celebrate I’d like to share twelve links to twelve lists of videos with free origami instructions that have been featured on Origami Spirit. Each list includes several origami figures along with video instructions and ideas for using them.

  1. Origami for Beginners (8 videos)
  2. Traditional models (9 videos)
  3. Boxes and Containers (15 videos)
  4. Origami Animals (16 videos)
  5. Origami Flowers, Fruit and Food (8 videos)
  6. Modular and Geometric Origami (15 videos)
  7. Holidays and Celebrations (19 videos)
  8. Fun Origami Toys and Action Models (13 videos)
  9. Origami Hearts (6 videos)
  10. Origami With Strips (4 videos)
  11. Functional, Everyday (4 videos)
  12. Fun! -Non tutorial (5 videos)

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2 thoughts on “Twelve Lists of Top-Notch Origami Video Tutorials”

  1. Hi!

    I really appreciate your tutorials. I have started to make Origami myself a couple of days ago and your videos helped me pave the way.
    You make it look so easy and simple!!

    Thank your!


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