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How to make an Origami Nested Rose

This origami rose design was derived from the traditional “Cootie Catcher” paper toy. It is made with three pieces of paper.

  • The base is made up with a cootie catcher turned upside down and it forms the leaves. Paper size: 6 x 6 inches, green color on both sides.
  • The middle piece form the larger petals. It is made from the windmill base and is nested inside the cootie catcher. Paper size: 6 x 6 inches, red color on both sides.
  • The top piece form the smaller petals. It is made from the windmill base as well and is inserted inside the middle piece. Paper size: 3 x 3 inches, red color on both sides.

Origami Instructions: this is a very easy equation to solve!

I share this post and the video instruction for the origami rose in appreciation for all Origami Spirit subscribers and supporters. Thank you!


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9 thoughts on “How to make an Origami Nested Rose”

  1. Dear Leyla

    It’s a lovely rose …
    And you are good teacher and very simple explan all you told..
    Please make kawasaki rose …
    I am trying many of you tube’s videos but ı don’t make but ı’m sure ıf you tell ı’m managed easyly..
    Thanks for your smart activities and sharing with us…

  2. Ingenious – a beautiful reimagining of a rose, using traditional models in a totally new way! I love the clever way tension is used both to give individual pieces their shape and to hold them together as a whole.

    Thankyou and congrats on reaching 1000!

    :) B Rose


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