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Origami Wreaths to Celebrate a Baby Girl or Baby Boy

I could’ resist going really cute and making baby bodysuit garlands!

The module for this is my interpretation of  Hans-Werner Guth’s and Francis Ow’s shirt garlands.
The garlands made by Hans, Francis, and myself, are a slight modification of the one featured in this video tutorial:

We challenge you to figure out these modifications or to create your own variation.
Kudos if you do!

The full video tutorial is found inside ORIGAMIGOS, the Origami Spirit Membership.



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12 thoughts on “Origami Wreaths to Celebrate a Baby Girl or Baby Boy”

  1. Ciao diventerò nonna a settembre (i mie figli gemelli diventeranno papà ad un mese di differenza!!) di un maschietto a settembre, e a ottobre non so ancora se maschio o femmina ma preparerò questa corona, ho capito la modifica da fare volevo mandarti una foto ma qui non me la fa inserire. Grazie ciao

    • Congratulations on your expected grandchild. I’m sure it will be a great happiness to all the family. Take good care!
      Congratulazioni per il tuo nipote atteso. Sono sicuro che sarà una grande felicità per tutta la famiglia. Prendersi cura!

  2. Hi, I’m doing a university project and for the topic we’re doing right now the baby grow wreaths would be perfect! Can you give more details of how to produce them, please??
    Thanks, Rebekah

  3. WOW! I thought I was fairly good at origami, but I guess I do not have any design/creativity to figure out this shirt. I have folded aloha shirts before, but the diagram is totally different to this. I also reviewed your oversized shirt video, but also was lost how to potentially apply that information to this shirt. Any additional hints would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi i just love the wreath, my daughter is having a baby shower in November I followed along with the pattern pretty good folded the bottom up some to make the bottom of outfit, but cannot figure out the sleeves, could you please help? Thank you.

  5. Wow – crazy good tutorial! Not just for origami but in general!
    I’m new to folding paper and I’m pretty confident I can do the wreath after watching your video. Will wait for the update on the sleeves though since as mentioned am new to this.
    Thank you for the fab video

  6. This is so cute and clever! I’ve got two days before I’ll be attending a friend’s baby shower and I really don’t think I’ll be able to figure out the modifications in time. I could probably use scissors and glue to make the sleeves look like yours but it would be nicer to fold them your way. Would you be willing to let me in on the secret? Thanks. Paula

    • Hi Paula,
      I’d love to give you “the secret” but I won’t be able to carve some time to post it before you go to your baby shower. For the moment I’ll live the enigma as is ;-)

      • I figured it out! I’m quite surprised at myself. I just had to play with (mangle) a few pieces of practice paper. I think your creation is going to get a lot of oohs and ahs at the baby shower. Thanks again! Paula

        • Congratulations Paula, you should be very proud of yourself. Now you’ll get the oohs and ahs, AND you stretched your creativity with origami and paper folding skills. Kudos!


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