Origami Hugs and Kisses for Mom!

Are you a mother? I am sending you many hugs and kisses to honor and celebrate your motherhood. I also invite you to  make a long garland of origami hugs and kisses and bring it to your own mom for mother’s day. Both the cross and the double ring modules are inspired by a Palm Sunday cross featured on this site as well.

And when father’s day comes along we can give him many hugs and kisses as well!
My father and mother are the shiniest stars of my Universe.  I adore them both!

The hugs and kisses garland is festive and easy to make. Watch this short video and learn just how simple it is.

Origami Hugs and Kisses for Mom!

Feel free to share this video and pass it along!

The double ring module is a creation of Karen Reeds (US). As I connected the cross module to Karen’s double ring my husband said “Oh, hugs and kisses!” so the hugs-and-kisses garland was born!

Materials Needed to Make the  Hugs-and-Kisses Garland

Strips of colorful paper 11 x .25 inches. The garlands shown here were made with office paper.

Chain of modular rings and crosses

This Hugs and Kisses Garland can be considered  Modular Origami: two or more pieces of paper are folded into units, which are then fitted together to form one piece.

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18 thoughts on “Origami Hugs and Kisses for Mom!”

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    • Hi Janet,

      I myself wondered about the need for an “International Day of Happiness” but then I thought why not! Let’s think what it is to be happy and why is it important to be aware of happiness.

      What makes me happy is the connection with people that origami brings. The garland you made is a good choice to represent a sense of connection. And I love the paper you chose! -couldn’t figure out how sign up and leave a comment on your site.

  2. Will do! I teach 5th – 7th grade kids. I will practice practice practice before the class so that I have all the steps down. Thank you so much!

    • So, how did it go, Linda? We had a much larger and younger crowd than usual when I tried to teach this, and I had to give up! I had practiced, but not well enough to figure out how to keep track of up/down/left/right/front/back. Because we had lots of strips ready, I switched in midstream to David Shall’s Ring — one of my favorite models. That went well. One family told me later that they rolled up birthday party invitations and used the Ring to hold and decorate the rolls. (For David Shall’s models and book, see http://www.papercopia.com/)
      Karen 5-21-2012

  3. Linda
    I’m very glad you’ll do Hugs-and-Kisses with kids, but I want to urge you to practice beforehand and experiment with longer/wider strips.

    Many kids under 9 or so don’t have the finger dexterity or strength to make folds precisely and might get really frustrated trying to get a neatly folded model.

    It’s also tricky to keep track of the front/back of the strips and model, especially if (like me), you are not very good at left and right!

    I’ll be teaching this at the Princeton Public Library Origami Group next week, and I’m really just passing along the very good advice of Laura Kruskal, the most experienced origami teacher I know.
    Karen (the Hugs part)

  4. Dear Leyla,

    I’m delighted that you have linked up with Karen Reeds, a prolific creator of simple, elegant, useful models and are sharing this charming, timely, attractive model.

    Laura Kruskal

  5. Dear Leyla 4/27/2012
    This is absolutely marvelous! My deep thanks to you and your husband for taking
    my little doodle, the Double-Ring module, combining it with your lovely Cross module, and turning them into this wonderful Hugs and Kisses Chain!
    Hugs and Kisses to you both, and your parents, too!

    Karen Reeds, Princeton Public Library (NJ) Origami Group http://princetonlibrary.org/children/BookClubsandGroups.htm

    • Hi Karen,
      Making this chain and this post has been much fun! We do sit at the kitchen table here and laugh and get ideas. Playful Spirit and Origami Spirit are one!
      Thank you for sharing your module with all of us!


    • Yes Ryynette, the theme is universal, and we could use it for any festive occasion, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries…. when our heart is in the mood of celebrating!


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