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Winter Solstice Origami Festival –Let’s Celebrate the Holidays!

Origami is not only about the art of folding paper, but also about generosity in the act of sharing our practice with others. Through this gesture of sharing and caring, we can bridge islands of isolation and cultivate a more connected world.

At the end of the year, many of us around the globe participate in festivities and celebrations.

In the northern hemisphere, at the time of the winter solstice, people have long celebrated this time of year by lighting bonfires and candles to welcome the return of the sun. In the United States, the holiday season begins with the festival of Thanksgiving.

These end-of-the-year festivities and celebrations are a wonderful opportunity to give thanks for each other. Together, we can lift our spirit and bring the magic and joy of origami to those we love and to their worlds.

Depending on cultural tradition and belief, some participate in solemn celebrations, while others focus on festivity and fun.

We want to invite you to participate in our Winter Solstice Origami Festival by sharing with everyone those origami figures that are meaningful to you, that you fold as a representation of a tradition dear to your heart.

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Here we share prompts related to the WINTER SOLSTICE festivities and celebrations. Take the following prompts as an inspiration of what to fold and share with others.

THANKSGIVING (fourth Thursday in November – nondenominational US Holiday)

Origami CornucopiaOrigami Pumpkin
Origami TurkeyOrigami Corn
Origami Pilgrim

ST. NICHOLAS DAY (Feast of Sinterklaas -December 5/6)

Origami St. NicholasOrigami Miter (or mitre -headdress)
Origami Candy CrozierOrigami donkey
Origami oranges (three) or tangerinesOrigami sock
Origami gift-bagOrigami Gold coins

LITTLE CANDLES DAY (día de las velitas – Colombia -Dec 7)

Origami candlesOrigami lantern
Origami fireworks

St. LUCIA DAY (December 13 -Festival of lights)

Origami lanternOrigami fireworks
Origami musical noteOrigami wreath

HANUKKA (Between late November and December, the exact dates change every year) Jewish eight-day festival of lights

Origami Menorah (nine-candle candelabra)Origami dreidels (spinning tops)
Origami gold coinsOrigami snowflakes

SOLSTICE (About December 21 -Winter in the North / Summer in the South) Festival of Lights

Origami Yule altarOrigami evergreen wreath
Origami pineconeGift wrapping
Origami GamesOrigami snowman

CHRISTMAS (December 26) Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus

Origami Nativity SceneOrigami Peace Dove
Origami JosephOrigami star
Origami MaryOrigami snowman
Origami Baby JesusOrigami advent calendar
Origami angelOrigami Christmas tree
Origami shepherdOrigami ornament
Origami cow, donkey, sheepOrigami tinsel
Origami snowflakeOrigami gift box
Origami gift bagOrigami gift envelope
Origami wreathOrigami candle
Origami lightOrigami string of lights
Origami bellOrigami Santa
Origami elfOrigami Reindeer
Origami stockingOrigami candy cane
Origami poinsettiaOrigami holiday bowl
Origami nutcrackerOrigami bow
Origami garlandOrigami cardinal
Origami Christmas cardRed, white and green

THREE KINGS DAY (Epiphany – January 6)

Origami Three KingsOrigami crowns
Origami CamelsOrigami star of Bethlehem

KAWANZAA (26 December to 1 January) African cultural celebration with an inherent spiritual quality. African people of all faiths can and do celebrate Kwanzaa in addition to their own traditions

Origami crops -fruits, nuts vegetables (mazao)Origami mat (mkeka)
Origami ear of corn (muhindi)Origami unity cup (kikombe cha umoja)
Origami kikombe cha umoja (unity cup)Origami candleholder (kinara) seven candles -1 black, 3 red, 3 green (mishumaa saba)

NEW YEAR’S EVE and DAY (January 1)

Origami fireworksOrigami champagne giftwrapping
Origami streamersOrigami masks

Bring the magic of origami from your fingertips to the world!

Fold and share with us. Join our group FACEBOOK Group by clicking on this LINK

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