Make Tin Twist-Icicles Christmas Ornaments in seconds!

When we train ourselves to be creative with origami, we are also preparing ourselves to be creative in all other endeavors. Creativity doesn’t always have to produce whiz-bang-dazzling results. Thinking creatively can be a life practice as we go about our every-day routine.

One way of being creative with origami is looking for ways to modify existing models and think about how to use these models in a new and different way. We should always look at our origami models and ask if they can be made with other materials, colors, bigger, smaller, wider, narrower and so on.

For example, this foil-paper icicle is an idea I had that stemmed from a traditional fold presented on origami Spirit previously as a “Ten-second Love note“.

For the resulting icicle, I thought of making the Love Note model thinner, and, by using foil recycled papers, created a Christmas ornament that looks similar to an old-fashioned tin twist-icicle ornament popular in the US from the Victorian era through the 1950s.

The following step-by-step video shows how to make this ornament. Even if you have done this origami stick in the past, you will find a couple of ideas that will help you fashion it as an ornament.

Tips and suggestions for making recycled foil-paper ornaments

  • As shown in the video, many papers can be used for this model. If you want to go the fancy route use foil origami paper. Otherwise regular kitchen type aluminum foil or recycled chocolate wrappers will also work very well.
  • The standard 6 x 6-inch square foil paper for origami is perfect. You can make 4 ornaments with one square (shown in the video).
  • Display your ornaments in places other than a tree. Hanging them from a window edge or making a garland could be very nice as well.

Creativity is all about playing, about setting our child spirit free
and finding ways to transpose known elements into new presentations.

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