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How to Make an Origami Nativity Scene: Mary –Part 2 of 3

Sacred family in a Nativity Scene. Origami figures by Leyla Torres

The figure of Mary is the second model in the origami Nativity Scene series. In my previous post, I showed how to make the figure of Joseph and described my delight as a child making the Nativity scene with my mother. Christmas is indeed a time to recall lovely memories.

I also remember the not-so-lovely story about a soft-boiled egg!

One December 24th, when I was about six or seven years old, my father took me to visit my aunt Lolita who offered us a breakfast. It included hot chocolate, a sweet corn tamale, cheese and a soft boiled egg.

Being a polite child and having being taught to eat whatever was served, I ate the egg despite all the red flags raised by my sharp little nose. A horrendously painful stomach ache followed the meal, forcing me to miss all the Christmas Eve celebrations that year, much to my distress. Needless to say, I’ve never again eaten a soft boiled egg!

Here is the video tutorial to make this iconic mother figure. If you recall any Christmas anecdote while folding this figure of Mary for the origami Nativity scene, share it with us.

Tips and suggestions for making the figure of Mary and the Nativity Scene in origami

  • The finished figure shows both sides of the paper. It’s ideal to use paper of different color on each side.
  • Paper known in the US as “kami” is a good choice, but it can be made with heavier papers.
  • As for paper size, I would recommend a 10× 10-inch (25×25cm) or larger. The video will show how to cut it to the appropriate size.
  • If you have paper of the same color on both sides, before folding, you can color the paper by hand as described in this post.
  • Here is a diagram of the proportion of the papers for each figure. The videos explain how to cut it.

The following videos will show you how to make the other figures of the Nativity Scene:

Origami Joseph fro the Nativity Scene
Click here for blog post and video tutorial


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Origami Baby and crib
Click here for blog post and video tutorial

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Nativity Scene in different languages:

• English: Nativity, Creche Spanish: Nacimiento, Pesebre, Portal de Belén, Misterio

• German: eine Krippe, Weihnachtskrippe, • French: La crėche de Noël

• Portuguese: Presépio • Italian: Presepe • Dutch: Kerststal

Sacred family in a Nativity Scene. Origami figures by Leyla Torres

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