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An Origami Star Box –Full of Creative Possibility!

This star box, like many other origami boxes, is full of possibility:

  • First we have fun making the box…
  •  Then we admire it for a while…
  • And wonder what to place in it.
  •  Our spirit fills with joy thinking of the person who we’ll give it too…
  • And when offering the box as a gift, or teaching someone how to make it, our return is a smile and our own good feelings.

I discovered this origami star-box many years ago in the book Brilliant Origami by David Brill. Since that time, I frequently fold it and have always loved its pentagonal shape.

The following video tutorial shows how to make this origami star. The process is easy and beautiful, but in addition to the sequence shown in David’s book, I’ve added some pre-folds to make it just a little easier.

Thank you, David Brill, for giving permission to present your delightful pentagonal star box here on Origami Spirit.

Tips and suggestions for making the origami Pentagonal Star Box

  • To make this box we will need apiece of paper in the proportion of a “silver rectangle”, which is VERY EASY to make.
  •  Using a standard US letter size (8.5 x 11 inch) piece of paper, cut a 3/4-inch strip along the longer side. What you are left with -the larger piece, is called a silver rectangle.
  • Alternatively, an unaltered A4 Standard European letter size is a silver rectangle and perfect for the origami star box.
  • In the video the star is demonstrated using standard US letter paper, but you can also use Kami or any other thin paper.
  • The finished star box shows only one side of the paper. It’s not necessary to use paper of different color on each side.
  • The sides at the opening of the star might want to come apart as the star is opened, which can be remedied with a tiny drop of glue. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone I used the glue word ;-)
  • Fill the star box with chocolate mini-eggs  •  jelly beans  •  m&ms  •  dried beans or rice  •  beads  •  buttons  •  felt eggs  •  tiny pebbles  •  dried petals  •  dried lavender flowers  •  dried herbs  •  confetti • mini lucky stars

The star box is the base to make this cute Santa star box 

Click here to view Star-Santa Post!


. . . . . .


. . . . . .
Be creative with the colors you use to make this origami Star box!

Besides being a great holiday gift or ornament, this origami Star box is a perfect present for other occasions, such as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Independence day.


. . . . .

Imagine who you could give this origami star box to. What about a gift to yourself? Go ahead. Make the box! Have fun and please share your photos of this origami star with all of us on Facebook or Instagram  hashtag #Origamistarbox

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