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A Village of Origami Houses

A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of a little origami house designed by Roman Diaz. I immediately fell in love with this archetypal house and its basic simplicity and symbolism. The question: how to fold it without diagrams?

As it turns out I was pleasantly surprised to find diagrams for this model in the newly published issue of the 4 Esquinas magazine. And not only were there diagrams but also an article written by Román about the design process. So, brush up your Spanish language skills and read that article!

The folding process of the house is delightful and the lock system Román used at the end to secure it all is clean and elegant. Since discovering the house and the diagrams, I have folded so many structures that I now have a village. And I fear it’s a village that’s rapidly growing into a small city.

Thanks to Román Diaz for granting me permission  to share this video demonstrating how to fold his charming creation. The folding method I’ve followed differs slightly in the order of diagrammed steps as presented in 4 Esquinas, but the result is identical.

Revista 4-Esquinas cover

Having had great satisfaction with the house, I’m diving back into 4 Esquinas for further inspiration. Just scanning through the other content offerings my fingers tickle with  desire to fold the chessboard (Beatriz Gonzalez), the owl (Esteban Saltos), the butterfly (Daniel Naranjo), the modular (Paolo Bascetta), and peruse the articles on elements of photography (Oscar Osorio) and the division of a line into equal segments (Oscar Rojas). An excellent issue, 4 Esquinas. Thank you!


15 thoughts on “A Village of Origami Houses”

  1. What a wonderful little house! Thanks, Leyla – your simplified folding directions are just great. My little brown (paper bag) house fits in nicely here in the forest.

  2. I made one and it makes a very nice addtion to my origami shelf! I love how it is 3D, a modern twist on the traditional oragami house, which is flat.

  3. Lovely!
    I was taught this last weekend at the British Origami Society Spring Convention in Birmingham, England. It was taught by Rob Foord, who has worked out a way to change the proportions as well.
    I will show this video to my friends.
    Thank you.

  4. Everyone’s having trouble with the lock- including me! I watched the lock part 4 times before finally fixing the house! It’s adorable!

  5. Yes, yes, yes!!! Thank you Leyla!! I couldn’t figure out the lock from the diagrams, and Roman said you were making this video! Thank you!! I LOVE this house! I put them on the table with a treat underneath for each person at the table!

  6. Hi Leyla,
    A cute little house, and nicely demonstrated. I like the slow pace which allows me to fold along without stopping the video, and you are good at pointing out the what should happen, even if I saw it with no sound.
    Best regards, Hans


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