An Easy-to-fold Origami Hummingbird

From Colombia, land of hummingbirds, Andrés Plazas, shared with me a link to the video of an origami hummingbird he designed.
When I finally had some time to fold it, I discovered with delight that this hummingbird is an elegant and ingenious model  based on  the traditional origami crane. I did not want to pass up sharing it here.
Andrés offers us one of those models that in a few folds captures the essence of this little bird .

14 thoughts on “An Easy-to-fold Origami Hummingbird”

  1. First off – thank you for the great video! I’ve made so many little birds thanks to you! As a novice, I’m curious what type of paper you use. I’ve tried several but can’t quite find the right balance.

  2. I LIKE your video! Most all of the other videos I’ve watched and tried to learn from, were inadequate. They moved too fast through the tougher parts and didn’t take time to remove their fingers from the subject and display the results of each move. Yours was perfect! The music background is very restful too. Even printed origami instructions strike me as being very inadequate. Until you’ve down something like squash folds a hundred times, they are not easy to replicate (in your head anyway). Thanks for allowing me to have a success to make up for all the messes I’ve thrown away.

  3. I have tried several times to watch this video but it stops half way through. This looks like the perfect origami hummingbird that I want for my wedding. I’m half way through my folding and want to see the remaining video. Any one have a suggestion about how I can see the rest of the video? Other than YouTube, is there another place I can go to see how to complete the folding? Thanks!

  4. Hi Leyla Torres,My daughter’s wedding is on 18 Jun.,I fold various type of origami flowers,leaves and stalks and I remember your lovely Hummingbird… I add it with the origami Flowers.Thanks for sharing…very grateful to your kind effort.

  5. Thanks! Yours looks better then mine but with a little practice I will get better (I hope). Best lesson I have seen yet. Your video makes it much easier. Thanks again.


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