Creased Magazine – Oh, So Pleasing!

Crease Magazine is a new bi-monthly publication featuring never-before published original Origami diagrams from creators around the world.

Having just received the first issue, I dove into it with as much enthusiasm as a child let loose in a candy store. Creative director Sok Song and his editorial team have produced a magazine that is both informative and beautiful. If the first issue is an indication of things to come, it promises to be a publication which many paper folders will be looking forward to receiving every other month.

What the first issue features:

  • diagrams for eleven previously unpublished models
  • crease pattern for a rabbit
  • color photographs for all models
  • a teacher’s corner with access to lesson plans and easy folds for educators
  • a photo bulletin board featuring people enjoying paper folding in different conventions and meetings around the world.

These are  some of the models included in this first issue of Creased.

What I like about Creased Magazine:

  • Great range of models represented. They are geared to people at different level from beginner to advanced, but with focus on intermediate level models.
  • All  diagrams are easy to follow, are in color, and clearly show both sides of the paper.
  • Creased Magazine is available in both print and digital versions.
  • Subscription to the printed version includes access to the digital version.
  • With a subscription to the printed version, for an additional fee, there is the option of receiving Korean origami paper with unusual and beautiful patterns.
  • There is a reduced fee for teachers to subscribe (USA only).

Three models I particularly enjoyed:

  • The shirt with trim by Gay Merrill Gross. It is striking, very easy to fold and suitable for usingt in greeting cards.
  • The hat-base gift box by Laura Kruskal. It can be made with rectangles of different proportions. The divider is folded from the same base as the box, but the result is surprising and different.
  • The modular Gold Fish Flower by Sok Song. Lovely design that can be assembled with different number of units. Pleasing to look at from the front and the back. If folded with white paper, it makes a great snow flake.

Crease Magazine is a terrific new resource for paper folders and I highly recommend subscribing today!

Have you folded models included in this first issue? which did you enjoy the most?

3 thoughts on “Creased Magazine – Oh, So Pleasing!”

  1. What a beautiful magazine this is. With obviously high production standards, terrific content, and intelligent graphic design, I look forward to seeing the next issue of Creased.

    My ONLY objection is that two months between issues seems like an awfully long time! I guess I’ll just have to manage and live with the anticipation.

    Long live real-world publishing!


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