How to Organize Unruly Desktop Nicknacks… in Style!

I thought of many uses for Ms. Ayako Kawate’s origami accordion box when I first saw it. At the very top of my list was the possibility of organizing paperclips, pushpins, rubber bands, and other nicknacks that always clutter my desk.

The box is made with as many modular containers as desired and is easy to fold and assemble.

Watch this video to learn how to make the origami accordion box.

In addition to being a pharmacist, Ms. Kawate is a gifted and prolific designer of other elegant and functional models. She is a member of the Nippon Origami Association and the author of “Origami creator Ⅰ” of NOA Book series.

Diagrams for the accordion box are published in NOA Magazine No.385 2007.9. Subscriptions to NOA Magazine and other origami publications may be obtained through the NOA website.

A wheel may be formed by joining together twenty or more accordion box modules. Have fun rolling this around, especially if there is a cat in the house!

What other objects can we make with these modular units?

52 thoughts on “How to Organize Unruly Desktop Nicknacks… in Style!”

  1. thank you for the wonderful tutorial it was very straightforward and i am hoping to use it as a pot for a small succulent though i am not sure how to waterproof it do you have any ideas?

  2. Dear Leyla,
    I love to do ALL of your origami. To me, you are THE BEST!!!! I saw you at the origami un-convention and tried to say hello to you but there were so many people that I’m sure you did not see me. Anyway, I just finished a small origami accordion box for my granddaughter. When I ever get to see her in person again, I will give it to her filled with as much candy as I can fit in. I have to teach now (I help people with English as a second language) so when I am finished I will go to your website Origami Spirit and try to do everything there (if I have time).

  3. Hello Leyla,
    I folow you since a long time, now, you learned me so much !
    The whell i, this model could make a beautiful weath for Chrismas, with the good paper and some décorations…

  4. As usual, a lucid and beautifully done video. These modules are so satisfying to fold and assemble. I noticed that the wheel is also a flexagon.

    Thanks Leyla.

    • Dear Dr. Sonia,
      Thank you for sharing with us your take on this lovely origami box. You have added a very personal and creative touch. And you are very patient for origami and skillful with your hands, just as the great surgeon you are! Greetings to your little daughter!

  5. This is fantastic and innovative, and a great model to show off pretty double sided papers! I plan to make two sets to use as desk drawer organisers for all those small objects :) The wheel idea is fantastic as well!

  6. Adorei todo o seu trabalho. Sempre fui apaixonada por coisas em papel. Você poderia indicar-me um professor em Campinas – SP, Brasil?

  7. ¡Hola Leyla ! gracias por contestarme sobre el papel. No se còmo explicarte que al traducir del inglès al español, sale medio cortado, como hablaban los indios americanos en las pelìculas. No se porqué sale así. ¿Me entendiste? Ojalá que sí.- Un abrazo, Graciela.-

  8. ¡Què hermoso el acordeón origami! Me gusta la idea de hacer uno para mi mesa que comparto con mi hija, que estudia. Vivo en la Argentina, y necesito saber, què papel se usa para este trabajo. Estoy maravillada. Espero su respuesta. Gracias.-


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